July 27, 2022

our share the warmth campaign for this winter

Written by Amelia

The environmental occurrences of the previous few years have left many of us feeling clouded and unsettled, therefore influencing our physical and mental selves. This combined with cooler than usual seasonal changes which naturally impact our mood and motivations, are causing many to feel particularly sombre, low and indifferent.

At Peninsula Hot Springs, mental health is a cause close to our hearts, which is why we partner with Mentis Assist and Mental Health Australia – two organisations that provide specialised mental health support for people living with a mental illness.Peninsula Hot Springs acknowledges the mental health challenges that surround us, and we’re here to help or provide comfort.

creating connections with our 'share the warmth' campaign

For centuries, bath houses have played an integral role in promoting togetherness and connectivity. We believe that the simple act of bathing in hot springs, surrounded by nature and in the company of a friend or loved one, can help people overcome mental health challenges and ease the load of stress.

This is why we created our 'Share the Warmth' campaign.

'Share the Warmth' is an annual campaign designed to raise awareness for mental health challenges and eradicate the stigma surrounding mental illness. The campaign encourages guests to 'Share the Warmth' by bringing a friend who may be experiencing mental hardship (free of charge) to the Bath House to relax and bathe with them all whilst surrounded by the calm of our native natural environment.

our friends and partners for our 'share the warmth' campaign

Mental Health Australia, with its mission to create the best mental health system in the world, is the peak, national non-government organisation of the mental health sector in Australia, representing and promoting the interests of its over 120 national and state mental health organisations such as Beyond Blue, headspace, RUOK? and Lifeline.

Mentis Assist is a Frankston-based not-for-profit organisation that has provided for more than 35 years specialised mental health support for people living with a diagnosed mental illness across South East Melbourne

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