August 1, 2022

the launch of our food bowl

Written by Amelia

immerse yourself in nature as you experience our newest wellness offering, the food bowl at peninsula hot springs.

Created by innovation based on the S.L.O.W food movement and driven by a heightened awareness of our environment, the Peninsula Hot Springs Food Bowl is a three-acre kitchen garden mapped by extensive pathways, leading the way to the best of nature's offerings and housegrown garden produce. With its imaginative concept, our newest wellness project is a one-of-a-kind S.L.O.W food movement development that is now open for viewing for all bathing guests as part of our initial launch.

peninsula hot springs’ s.l.o.w food movement

Designed to inspire and educate guests to live a more balanced, health-driven lifestyle, our Food Bowl contributes to our commitment to the SLOW food movement (sustainable, local, organic and whole) and highlights our holistic approach to wellness. Prepare to take part in immersive 'paddock to plate' style experiences as we introduce engaging food production, sourcing, cooking and nutrition based workshops as well as launch new and original event spaces.

As we further develop the exciting plans for our Peninsula Hot Springs Food Bowl, we will first offer guests the opportunity to explore and be educated on seasonal garden staples with our Discovery Tour and Nourish Workshop, each designed to better prepare guests on their journey to wellness. Each experience is guided and lead by our Land and Environment team and will centre on developing the understanding of our abiding SLOW food philosophy, as well as learning of organic gardening principles and how to grow nutrient-dense produce. Bookings are now open for workshops to commence September 19,

In addition to the workshops, Peninsula Hot Springs’ Food Bowl will host unique dining experiences and distinctive music, sound and wellness offerings with the inclusion of two state of the art glasshouses and a floating stage.

Encompassed by nature, the glasshouses have been created with a celebration of connection and nourishment in mind, and will play host to guest events and immersive dining experiences to elevate any ccassion. With it's modest incline, guests will have a full view of the incredible Food Bowl landscape and beyond to the surrounding rolling hills of the Mornington Peninsula region.

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Peninsula Hot Springs’ Food Bowl will be open for viewing during daylight hours, everyday of the year and is an offering which invites all guests to enjoy our S.L.O.W food movement. Workshops are now available to book to commence on September 19 and will be held each Monday and Friday.

To keep up to date on our future Food Bowl developments and offerings, as well as all other Peninsula Hot Springs news, join our community and continue your wellness journey.

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