January 2, 2024

unveiling our apothecary workshop

Written by Grace

In ancient times, before the advent of modern pharmacology, the village apothecary created and dispensed balms, tinctures and other medicinal formulations.

Bringing together ingredients such as herbs, spices and minerals, the apothecary would offer an array of products to help alleviate common ailments.

We are delighted to introduce our newest experience: Apothecary Workshop. Beginning this January, Peninsula Hot Springs is hosting monthly apothecary sessions in our enchanting Glasshouse space overlooking our Food Bowl.

In a relaxed and social atmosphere, guests will learn about a specific area of wellbeing while engaging in the tactile and grounding experience of making their own product. Together we will create teas, tinctures, tonics, salves, balms, remedies and scrubs from high-grade, ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients — including housemade essential oils, hydrosols and salts.

what to expect

Each 75-minute workshop will be uniquely themed and centre on one of Peninsula Hot Springs’ seven wellness pillars: Sleep, Relaxation, Mindfulness, Movement, Nutrition, Creativity and Education. Each session is combined with healing geothermal bathing, with guests aged 10 and above welcome to attend.

Mindfulness | 27 January 2024

We will begin this January with a mindfulness session led by Margaret Flowers. Our first workshop involves concocting a meditation oil and writing mindfulness affirmations to bring in the new year. You’ll have time to pause and reflect on dreams and goals for the coming year in a nurturing environment.

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Relaxation | 17 Feburary 2024

As the holiday season begins to wind down in February, we'll explore rituals for relaxation and create a calming herbal tea. The workshop itself would also be the perfect way to celebrate special occasions, anniversaries, birthdays or delayed end-of-year get togethers.

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Nutrition | 9 March 2024

As autumn approaches, your facilitator - Resident Naturopath and Nutritionist, Freya Lawler - will impart knowledge on the nutritional power of plants and the benefits of Australian Bush Flower remedies. Your created remedy can then be taken home and enjoyed.

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Creativity | 6 April 2024

April invites creativity with our ‘living paper’ workshop, where you will be guided through the process of making your own paper using organic materials. This workshop will weave together sustainability and the beauty of crafting paper for collages, cards, bookmarks and writing.

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Sleep | 4 May 2024

In May, Margaret Flowers will lead a sleep-focussed session, where you will learn how to achieve better sleep while making a sleep support tincture. This will pair beautifully with the act of bathing in our healing, sleep-promoting geothermal waters.

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Movement | 1 June 2024

On the first day of winter, you will learn about the incredible benefits of magnesium for movement, and make a magnesium balm to soothe weary muscles. Combined with bathing in our mineral-rich springs, your body will feel cared for and restored.

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Education | 6 July 2024

Be taken on a sensory journey as you learn the method of distilling using botanicals picked and prepped by you from our Food Bowl. After distilling your chosen botanicals into essential oils and hydrosols, create a skin soothing balm or salt scrub to take home and enjoy.

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an enriching journey

At the end of each workshop, you will be enriched with knowledge drawn from ancient wisdom and take home your handmade product, ready to give to a loved one or retain for your own self-care rituals. You’ll also receive an information sheet brimming with helpful reminders on the wellness topic covered.

And while the Apothecary Workshop is a fantastic activity to attend alone or with friends, this experience also makes a beautiful idea for private events such as birthdays and hen’s parties (guests can choose from one of the seven workshop themes). Each session is laidback and interactive, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions, make conversation and become immersed in the meditative quality of making things by hand.

Guests can book our Apothecary Workshop packages for $135 per adult ($120 concession). This includes all-day Revitalise bathing, the 60-minute workshop, the handmade product and take-home information. Alternatively, the workshop can be added to existing Revitalise bathing bookings (depending on availability) for $60 per person online or on the day of bathing.

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