January 27, 2023

what is the best time of year to visit the springs?

Written by Amelia

At Peninsula Hot Springs, we’re often asked about the ideal weather conditions for bathing.

The answer is that our facility has been carefully designed to provide an immersive, rejuvenating experience — regardless of the weather. As we’ve expanded and evolved over the years, so too has the diversity of our bathing activities. Whether you’re visiting when it’s raining, a hot summer’s day, or the middle of a Victorian winter, there is always plenty to enjoy at Peninsula Hot Springs.

our favourite reasons to visit on a hot day

We might have the word ‘hot’ in our name, but we offer a wide range of experiences to help you relax and stay cool when the sun is shining and the temperature is high.

We cool down our geothermal pools.

A number of our springs are set to a very comfortable thermoneutral temperature year-round — meaning they are about the same temperature as your body — and we reduce the temperature of our hotter pools on warm days.

Cold plunge pools.

We have several refreshing cold plunge pools dotted throughout the site, including a larger cold pool that is open all day in the Fire and Ice area.

Ice Cave.

Also within the Fire and Ice area is the bracing, cryogenic Sub Zero Ice Cave and Deep Freeze chamber (right next to the saunas). Hot days present a great opportunity to experiment with cold therapy.

Fire and Ice workshop.

The invigorating Fire and Ice experience is one of our most popular wellness activities. A wellness professional will guide you through the benefits of hot and cold (or contrast) therapy while you experience our state-of-the-art saunas, massaging mineral showers, Ice Cave, cold plunge pool and — if you’re game — Ice Plunge pool.

As well as cooling you down during warm weather, medical doctor Marc Cohen says contrast therapy can ultimately help you unwind. “When you’ve gone to the extremes of hot and cold, when you relax you get a much deeper form of relaxation,” he explains.

Shade and vegetation.

We have ample shade across our site — including canapes over our family-friendly pools and grassed areas where you can relax, read a book or have a picnic while taking a break from bathing. There is also the shaded hammock area beyond the Amphitheatre cafe.

We are open early in the mornings and late at night.

We’re open from 7am until 10pm, every day. Embrace the coolness of the early morning or night time by exploring our deeply restorative facilities early or late in the day.

Relaxation spaces.

We have several beautifully appointed spaces available for private hire, including our Domes and Cabanas, that allow you to retreat from the heat and order refreshments from our on-site cafes. Our Moroccan Pavilion is also available for hire and open to all guests to enjoy if not privately booked.

Body Clay wellness activity.

Tucked away beyond the main Bath House area is Clay Ridge, where we conduct our playful, grounding Body Clay Ritual using clay and water. On hot days, the coolness of the clay amid the stonework of Clay Ridge offers reprieve.

Moonlit bathing.

Balmy summer evenings present the perfect time to take advantage of our moonlit bathing offering, where guests can explore our tranquil Spa Dreaming Centre under a starry night sky and order from our curated supper menu.

Hot springs bathing helps you sleep.

Research around the world shows that bathing in a geothermal spring encourages better sleep. This can be especially welcome on hot nights when it’s harder to sleep.

“And once your sleep is improved, your immunity is boosted, your mental state is boosted, and that has a lasting effect,” says Marc Cohen.

Beautiful Water for drinking.

Our many drinking fountains and taps across the site flow with Beautiful Water — an advanced filtration system to ensure the water you’re drinking is the highest possible quality. We recommend bringing a reusable drink bottle so you can stay hydrated while bathing (and filling it up before you head home).

Hot days are often quieter.

Peninsula Hot Springs is often quieter during hot weather — meaning those who visit us have more space to themselves as they luxuriate and roam the facility.

why we love visiting on a cold or rainy day

Many are drawn to Peninsula Hot Springs on cold days to soak in our healing geothermal waters, but there’s more to our facility than just our hot springs. And while you might imagine the rain could put a dampener on your experience with us, rainy days can be the most magical.

Geothermal springs. Of course, the most appealing reason to visit us on a cold day is our naturally heated mineral pools, which range from 36 to 42 degrees Celsius.

Rain is refreshing while bathing. Anyone who has bathed in the rain knows that it’s a very special experience. There is nothing like having cool droplets fall on your face while your body is immersed in a geothermal pool.

Saunas and steam rooms. Our Bath House features a Turkish Hamam (steam room), an underground sauna and two large saunas (one wet, one dry) to help you work up a sweat during cool weather.

Marc Cohen suggests using steam rooms in the winter (when the air is colder and drier and our nasal passages are more likely to dry out) and says the benefits of using saunas are huge and include better circulation and cardiovascular performance.

“Our ancestors had a very physical life, so working to the point of sweating was natural to them. But now with so many modern appliances and things it’s rare that we actually work up a sweat,” he says.

Undercover relaxation spaces. As well as our relaxation Domes and Cabanas, which can be privately hired, we have several other undercover spaces throughout the facility where guests can retreat and order refreshments. This includes the relaxation tent located just outside the Fire and Ice area and the Moroccan Pavilion.

On-site restaurants Our Bath House cafe is partially covered and serves hot drinks, delicious gourmet pizzas and other dishes that are much appreciated on cooler days.

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