May 27, 2024

World Bathing Day 2024 | Together with water

Written by Amelia

on 22 June each year, communities across the world are invited to come together with water in observance of World Bathing Day.

World Bathing Day is a global event dedicated to the practice and culture of bathing. It is a day to honour the vitality of water and the diverse, cultural traditions linked to bathing and cleansing rituals.

Throughout the day on Saturday 22 June, we will be hosting a program of arts and culture events in celebration of World Bathing Day. The activations taking place are a combination of complimentary and paid events, each designed to enhance your bathing experience.

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world bathing day

Initiated in 2018 by the Bathe the World Foundation and the Global Wellness Institute Hot Springs Initiative, World Bathing Day invites people to come together across various bathing facilities to collectively recognise the importance of water, and its profound ability to connect us to the natural world.

The simple act of immersing oneself in water has been integral to human culture for aeons - be it in wild swimming spots, urban waterways, rivers, oceans, or hot springs. World Bathing Day honours this ritual and allows us a chance to reflect on the role of water in cultivating community and reawaken our inherent love of nature.

Together with water

The theme of this year's World Bathing Day is ‘Together with Water’.

From sunrise on Saturday 22 June 2024, World Bathing Day will be celebrated globally. Bathing facilities will host vibrant events, each with a focus on water’s capacity to unite us and to stoke our deep connection to the natural world. Time together with water allows us to relax, to recharge and to reawaken our deep connection to the planet that so greatly sustains us.

Global Sound Bath

A key component of World Bathing Day is the Global Sound Bath, an initiative that invites us to reconnect through the therapeutic and meditative aspects of sound in unification with water. Sound Baths are mesmeric experiences connecting sound and sense to oneself through powerful waves produced by gongs, harmonic drums and singing bowls among other resonant tools.

Global Sound Bath is an activation that brings sound and bathing together, influencing a profound human experience that transcends time and location.

The Global Sound Bath to take place during this year’s World Bathing Day involves musical performances in local bathing spots. These performances will be shared across social media to allow people in various countries to virtually experience a diversity of musical offerings.

world bathing day; us & our sister springs

Throughout the day on Saturday 22 June, we alongside our sister springs Metung Hot Springs and Cunnamulla Hot Springs will be hosting a program of events in celebration of World Bathing Day.

Peninsula Hot Springs

Taking place at Hilltop, a global sunrise ceremony will mark the beginning of World Bathing Day at Peninsula Hot Springs with daylong celebrations to follow. Musician Marty Williams will guide us through the morning, at 7:36am - the moment the sun begins to rise over the rolling hills of the Mornington Peninsula region.

As part of our program, we are inviting guests to take part in signature wellness activities inspired by ancient practices and designed to invigorate when combined with the ritual of bathing. In our celebration of sound and movement, we are hosting Vinod Prasanna, who will guide us through a Bansuri Flute Meditation before taking to our Amphitheatre stage for an afternoon showcase performance. Also joining us is Genevieve Fry, a multi-instrumentalist and composer known for their exploratory music that draws inspiration from the natural world.

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Metung Hot Springs

On Saturday 22 June, our sister springs invites you to immerse in their geothermal springs amidst the energic atmosphere brought on by the East Gippsland Winter Festival. In a joint celebration combining the annual festival and World Bathing Day, Metung Hot Springs will host a Sunrise Breakfast & Bathe event encompassing connection and unity.

Kicking off at 7am, immerse in the bathing experiences throughout the Bathing Ridge and Hilltop Escarpment before enjoying a nourishing breakfast at Metung Country Club from 9am.

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Cunnamulla Hot Springs

Our newest outback oasis, Cunnamulla Hot Springs invites visitors and locals alike to take part in their first World Bathing Day celebration.

Initiating the program of events is the Cunnamulla Hot Springs choir performing from the Warrego Riverbank as a special music activation for the Global Sound Bath. To follow is a voice workshop, educational masterclass, as well as a performance by local musician Trish Hart.

Follow the first celebration of Cunnamulla Hot Springs via their Instagram.

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get involved

All are encouraged to get involved in this year’s celebration of cultural bathing practices by sharing their favourite local water rituals — whether it’s weekly team sauna sessions, daily cold ocean swims with a community group or hot spring soaks with friends.

World Bathing Day taps into our collective need to reconnect with each other and with nature, and the global bathing community invites everyone to participate through a bathing experience that resonates with them.

Get involved in this year’s event by sharing images of your favourite local bathing experiences on social media with the hashtag #worldbathingday

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