naturally boost your immune system this autumn


Peninsula Hot Springs has long been associated with wellness, celebrating bathing rituals from around the world, but did you know that many of the experiences we offer can also help boost your immunity?

Our naturally heated geothermal waters are mineral rich and the practice of regular bathing has been found to help naturally boost your immune system. Many studies also support that immersing yourself in nature is beneficial for mental and physical wellbeing and Peninsula Hot Springs is ideally set within a 40 acre property with over 50 wellness and bathing experiences for you to explore.


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As the seasons change and we look ahead to winter, autumn is a great time to focus on boosting your immunity, so important at this time when our community is facing a crisis. From the food and exercise choices you make, the rest you get and the activities you experience, many things can positively benefit your overall health and wellbeing and protect you from illness and disease.

We’ve integrated a number of immunity boosting activities into the experiences we offer at Peninsula Hot Springs. From hot/cold therapy practised in our Fire and Ice experience to our weekly yoga and pilates classes, there’s a world beyond bathing to explore during your next visit.

When you choose to dine with us, you’ll find an extensive seasonal menu full of nutrient rich meals, with many ingredients sourced from our onsite food bowl.

Our guests’ experience is paramount to everything we do, welcoming people to relax, connect and rejuvenate in our natural water. From the cleanliness of our pools, the maintenance of our grounds and our changerooms, we are committed to delivering the best experience to everyone who visits us.

Keeping well and boosting your immunity has never been so important.

Book Bath House Bathing      Explore Wellness Activities     Download PDF

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