New infrared sauna at Peninsula Hot Springs

We have recently introduced the latest incarnation in the evolution of saunas – a Sunlighten infrared sauna.

Historically, saunas have been central to the bathing and wellness rituals of many civilisations, with deep cultural and spiritual connections.

We are pleased to see the arrival of the infrared sauna to the Spa Dreaming Centre. The infrared sauna is a unique experience in wellness, the finely-tuned heating technology in this sauna lets you enjoy a deeper sweat with more detoxification power at lower, more comfortable temperatures.

Take a tour of our infrared sauna with our short video.

Sunlighten saunas are widely used in clinical practice and recommended by health practitioners to support a range of modalities and treatments for outcomes including skin health, improved circulation, detoxification, pain management and weight loss.

If you have a low tolerance to high heat saunas, or if you’d like to experience a longer, more meditative sauna experience, our infrared sauna is available to all clients who visit our Spa dreaming centre.

View the health benefits and safety guide of the infrared sauna(PDF).

Read the commonly asked questions about the infrared sauna (PDF).

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