An evening unwinding at the springs

When thinking of our favourite time to visit the springs, it’s hard to choose. The early morning is crisp and magical with steam rising from the pools; rainy days provide a refreshing sensory experience; sunshine looks beautiful streaming through our trees and super cold weather means the pools are even more welcoming.

But there is something extra special about bathing in the night-time. Read on for our suggested itinerary on how to spend an evening unwinding at the springs–all of which can be experienced with Bath House entry ($25 – $55 per person).

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6.15pm – Arrive

Arrive from work with a bathrobe in tow–or hire one from reception.

6.30pm – Indulge in a soup, hot chocolate or wine from the Bath House cafe 

Take your time to enjoy the experience in our open-air heated cafe before slipping into a pool. 

7pm – Journey across to the Amphitheatre

Immerse yourself in one of our newest pools in our expansive Amphitheatre space.

7.30pm – Fairy lights and hydrojets

Wander around the lake to our hydrojet pool, where you can gaze out at trees decorated with fairy lights as hydrojets massage your back and the sound of Banjo frogs fills the air.

8pm – Head for the moon-viewing pool

Located below the “hot pool” in our bathing gully, this pool is a great place to ease weary bodies and minds.

8.30pm – Stargaze under an expansive sky from the hilltop pool

Without the light pollution of the city, the night sky shines extra brightly from our most popular pool.

9.30pm – Float home on a tide of relaxation 

Drive home feeling completely rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for bed. The Bath House closes at 10pm.

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