where our story with water began

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where our story with water began

The Peninsula Hot Springs journey was inspired by global bathing and driven by passion. It all began with two brothers: Charles and Richard Davidson. After travelling to Japan in 1992, Charles became enamoured of hot springs bathing and wondered if outdoor bathing could take shape in Australia. Perhaps the ancient connection between nature and humankind can help others achieve a harmony of body and soul.

On his return, Charles learnt that hot geothermal waters had been discovered on the Mornington Peninsula back in 1979. By 1997, the brothers had founded Peninsula Hot Springs.

a family vision begins to flow

Drawn to the sand-dunes, remnant bushland and inherent beauty of the 42 acres found in Mornington Peninsula, their idea gushed with celebration when they drilled a bore 637 metres underground to an aquifer of 54-degree natural hot mineral waters.

a stream of connections

Our connection with family features as strongly as our connection with water. The Davidson brothers worked in collaboration with others to create a beautiful space to help people connect with the water and one another.

new ideas and energies surge

By 2014 Charles was joined by Bharat Mitra and Bhavani Lev, owners and founders of Organic India, who continue to develop Peninsula Hot Springs as world leader in the spa, wellness and hot springs industry.

award winning waters and vision

Peninsula Hot Springs was recognised for excellence with its first Victorian Tourism Award in 2010 and has been inducted into the Victorian Tourism Awards Hall of Fame in Health and Wellbeing, Tourist Attraction and Ecotourism categories.

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