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At Peninsula Hot Springs, we are passionate about partnering with other leaders in Health and Wellness. We look for genuine, inspirational and enthusiastic experts whose values align with our own, to join us in creating a complete wellness destination.

Steph Prem

Movement Ambassador

Former winter Olympian Steph Prem is one of Australia’s leading experts, advocates and spokespersons for women’s health and fitness. The founder of one of Melbourne’s most pretigious health and fitness destinations, Studio PP, Steph was the only woman to represent Australia in Snowboarding Cross at the 2010 Winter Olympics Games. Shortly after Steph suffered an horrific accident which required ongoing rehabilitation and brought her to our waters.

We’ve been inspired by Steph’s holistic rehabilitation approach which involved bathing at Peninsula Hot Springs and a passion for sharing her health and wellness journey with others

Steph is a firm believer that ‘your health is your wealth’ and champions pilates and thermal mineral spring bathing as being pivotal to her rehabilitation and recovery.

Peninsula Hot Springs Wellness Ambassador, Kate Save, prepares food

Kate Save

Nutrition Ambassador

Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Accredited Exercise Physiologist and co-founder of healthy meal program Be Fit Food, Kate Save is an expert in nutrition.  With more than fifteen years’ experience working within the health and fitness industry, Kate is committed to delivering credible health and wellness advice based on the latest scientific research and industry best practice.

Kate holds a double degree in Nutrition / Dietetics and Exercise Science from Deakin University, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Diabetes Education and a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology.  Her passion for continued learning extends to educating future health practitioners via her Lecturing and Course Development roles at Deakin University, Chisholm Tafe and FIA Fitnation.

We’ve been inspired by her passion for empowering individuals across all walks of life to make real change within their own lives. Believing that anyone can achieve optimal health and well-being through a balanced, healthy lifestyle, Kate considers geothermal bathing as an integral component for physical and mental wellbeing. 










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