Water has long been harnessed to encourage physical and emotional wellbeing. Across the world, and throughout decades, water therapies and facilities have contributed to creating wellness experiences that provide lasting physical and mental health benefits. Our waters are an oasis of calm healing.

“Water is an element in which our bodies can be free, so all of us can use water therapeutically.”
– Professional Spa and Wellness Magazine


benefits of hot springs bathing

other benefits include

  • Improves sleep

    In a study conducted by RMIT University’s School of Health and Biomedical Sciences that looked at the guest experience of hot springs bathing, 82% of respondents surveyed reported better sleep following their bathing visit at Peninsula Hot Springs.

  • Encourages social connectivity

    For centuries, bath houses have played an important role in bringing together members of the community to socialise and connect. According to the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the single most important determinant in human longevity is social connections.

  • Reduces arthritis symptoms

    Due to the sodium and natural salts present in our geothermal mineral water, guests suffering from arthritis report a reduction in symptoms.

  • Detoxifies

    Research conducted by European doctors has found that hydrostatic pressure in the body is increased when bathing in thermal hot springs. Hot spring bathing helps blood circulation and cell oxygenation, improving our body’s digestive and detoxifying capabilities.

  • Promotes healthy skin

    The magnesium and potassium in our water help promote healthy skin.

  • Improve muscle and bone health

    Boron, which is found in our pools, helps build muscle mass and strengthen bones – as well as increase brain activity.

  • Reduces high blood pressure

    The potassium in our pools assists in normalising heart rhythms and reducing high blood pressure.

man and women bathing in mineral hot spring

Balneotherapy & Balneology: The Science and Art of Mineral Water Therapy





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