Peninsula Hot Springs welcomes the second season of yoga

We are pleased to announce the launch of our second season of complimentary yoga classes in the Bath House.

After a successful season in 2012/13, the hot springs’ Fiona Ash is back again to run the yoga classes. Fiona would love to see a full range of wellness programs at the hot springs over the coming years to include hydrotherapy, yoga, fitness and meditation, encompassing mind, body and soul.

Fiona started in the health and fitness industry 16 years ago in St Kilda. It was there that she discovered her love for yoga. “Yoga has been an important part of my life, particularly the meditation element of yoga,” Fiona said. About eight years ago Fiona set out to become an instructor; she wanted everyone to be able to experience yoga like she experienced yoga.

Fiona has been part of the team at Peninsula Hot Springs for nearly three years. “When my partner and I moved to the Mornington Peninsula five years ago, I always thought I would love to work at the hot springs. Since starting here, I have been passionate about bringing complementary health and wellness activities to the hot springs bathing experience.”

When Fiona first arrived at Peninsula Hot Springs, she offered weekly yoga classes for staff, so they could share her love for yoga. “When the timing was right, we extended complimentary yoga classes to guests in November 2012, to enhance guests’ visits.”

“Yoga is for everybody of all ages, genders and abilities. Yoga reduces stress, assists you to understand the signs of stress, improve your flexibility, muscle tone and definition. Yoga can help you understand your body and take time out from your schedule; it also complements training and running.”

“The yoga taught at Peninsula Hot Springs is a happy yoga, which focuses on breathing, with flowing movements of the body. It is suitable for all abilities, with poses for beginners which can be altered for experienced people.”

“Yoga at the hot springs gives you the opportunity to combine the health benefits of yoga, with the healing qualities of bathing in pure, mineral hot springs. It will leave you feeling totally relaxed”.

Yoga classes are free with Bath House bathing and are held each Thursday morning at 7:45am. Earlybird entry starts at $10 for concessions and $15 for adults outside of school and public holidays.

Qi Gong is another recent addition to the wellness schedule at Peninsula Hot Springs. Held every Friday morning at 8am, Qi Gong (pronounced: ‘Chi Gung’) is an ancient Chinese discipline of postures, exercises, breathing techniques, and meditations. Its techniques are designed to improve and enhance the body’s qi (chi).

Peninsula Hot Springs also offers a school wellness program that was created in partnership with Yoga in the Park. The program includes a 45 minute yoga class, Bath House bathing and an overview talk on tools students can use before the signs of illness appear with a focus on preventative maintenance across five areas: diet, exercise, relaxation, breath and positive attitude. The program is designed to allow students to take the time out from school to enhance their student life, to better understand the triggers for stress and how to overcome them.

For more information about the wellness programs offered at Peninsula Hot Springs, contact Peninsula Hot Springs wellness team .


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