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How does coming out of the ice cold surf and into a hot spring pool sound?

We’re often asked what it’s like to bathe at the hot springs during the wintertime. The answer is that geothermal bathing is even more nourishing in the cold weather, when the temperature of the pools is in stark contrast to the crisp outdoor air.

Picture this: it’s 12 degrees outside and you’ve just left the ice cold ocean water. You’re submerged in a toasty 38-degree geothermal pool with your head above water, steam rising from the water’s surface as cool drops of rain fall onto your face and shoulders. The geothermal mineral water keeps you nice and warm while the rain provides a refreshing shower.

While the thought of rainy weather often brings to mind activities such as going to the movies or reading a book inside, Mornington Peninsula locals and hot springs staff often say rainy days are one of their favourite times to visit the hot springs.

As well as the sensory pleasure of bathing in the rain, there’s also the Turkish Hamam, Swedish sauna, Tibetan showers, bubble spa couch, hydrojet pool and plenty more – all designed to give you a luxurious experience while deepening your connection with nature. A rainy day doesn’t have to mean being cooped up inside.

If it’s been a while since you had a soak at the hot springs, you might like to know that with our newest expansion we now have more experiences than ever to relax and connect with your friends or a loved one, or just find some time for yourself.  With seven new hot springs pools, an ice cave, two new saunas, new café and amphitheatre stage, immersing yourself in nature during winter has never looked more appealing.

We also recently launched a variety of wellness activities and day retreats to enhance your bathing experience, including mindful yoga and bathe, pilates and bathe, body clay and bathe and our fire and ice experience. The ‘fire’ is the heat from the saunas and the ‘ice’ involves a cold plunge pool, ice plunge pool and ice cave, with the experience aiding sports recovery, helping to reduce inflammation, optimise brain function, improve sleep and boost metabolism and collagen production. A perfect way to relax and rejuvenate after a day of activity.

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