hot days, cool pools

refresh in our new chill zone this summer

This summer, we’ve transformed our Bath House Amphitheatre into the ultimate chill zone.  As the temperature outside rises, we’re cooling down some of our pools so you can take time to refresh, chill out and enjoy being immersed in nature here at Peninsula Hot Springs.  We’ve created our top 5 chill zone experiences for you to enjoy this summer.  Keep cool this summer in our Bath House, open 7am to 10pm daily, available from Saturday 28th December.

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cool down in chilled mineral springs

We’re keeping a close eye on the weather and adjusting our water temperature to suit. Cool down from the sun in our chilled mineral springs, located in our Amphitheatre area, take a plunge in one of the cold or ice plunge pools, which go down to 4 degrees!

discover fire and ice

You may have heard of the benefits of awakening the body through alternate hot and cold therapy. This involves quickly changing the body’s environment from being immersed in a warm environment, to a cold environment and then back into a warm one again. This contrast can simultaneously reduce inflammation, stimulate circulation, and loosen tight muscles, resulting in pain reduction. We have a guided experience, known as a Fire and Ice workshop if you want to give it a go. Alternatively, choose to flow between the cold plunge pools and warm geothermal pools to trial this popular procedure and a warm day is the perfect excuse to dip into the cold plunge pools.

A group of friends shiver in an ice cave
Body Clay

Body Clay & Bathe invites you to let go of your inhibitions and find a sense of play. Set within the handcrafted Clay Ridge landscape, this 45-minute experience combines the healing powers of raw earth and water and is perfect to share with friends and family. Our Wellness team has carefully selected a series of detoxifying clays from around Australia based on their unique therapeutic benefits, and our knowledgeable and entertaining hosts will share stories about these benefits as you enjoy a simple and universal connection with nature.


get spritzed 

We’re cooling down our spaces all summer long with some refreshing water spritzing fans. Our new fans create a misty breeze to flow throughout our Amphitheatre bathing area and keep you cool as you wander around, in between experiences.

Refreshing snacks

Take a break and discover our refreshing meals, snack and drinks in our Amphitheatre cafe, open daily until the end of January. Nourish your appetite and keep cool under one of the umbrellas and enjoy cool icy drinks or our tasty globally inspired menu.

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