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We are pleased to announce that soon you will be able to stay with us and continue your wellness journey into the night. Designed for pure relaxation and inspired by nature, we have various accommodation options on the horizon. The first opportunity to stay overnight at the springs will be coming this winter.

Imagine soaking in our geothermal mineral springs, enjoying a nourishing meal and an indulgent spa treatment before strolling to your home for the night, you snuggle underneath a warm doona while you listen to the sounds of the natural environment around you and drift off to sleep. In the morning you will hear nature come alive while you venture up to our iconic hilltop pool to watch the sun rise over the region.

Our accommodation will offer a unique experience with the humble luxury of Peninsula Hot Springs, featuring bespoke furniture, custom elements which reflect our environment including locally sourced timber, natural stone bench tops and our geothermal water will be used in a hydronic heating system throughout the concrete flooring.

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