Sunset Sessions at the springs

This summer, witness our purpose-built Bath House Amphitheatre stage come to life with live music from an eclectic array of incredible musicians. All sessions are free with Bath House bathing, and can be enjoyed while immersed in a pool or from the comfort of our expansive Amphitheatre lawn. Bath House bookings are essential.

Ria Soemardjo
Saturday, December 29th. 7.30pm – 8.30pm 

Born in Melbourne of Australian/Indonesian descent, Ria has established herself in Australia as a skilled and sensitive performer of songs in the highly-refined and soulful Japanese classical tradition. Ria draws on a deep respect for this tradition in her song writing and collaborative projects.

Oscar Jimenez
Saturday, January 5th. 7.30pm – 8.30pm

Oscar’s solo career began with original songs inspired by memories of his family and cultural traditions. This first collection encompasses a mixture of South American rhythmic roots with a unique sound by combining instruments such as Peruvian cajon, Mexican harp, bluesy slide guitars and even Didgeridoo — as heard in one of his latest tracks.

Amadou Suso
Saturday, January 19th. 7pm – 9pm.

Amadou comes from Gambia in West Africa and is part of a Mandinka tribe that have been playing the Kora for centuries. He is the current generation’s direct line descendent of the very first Kora master who lived 760 years ago, and his lineage goes back to Korea’s Musa Suso. Born to the life of a musician, he lives true to his origins, combining a deep knowledge of Gambian traditional music with a passion for the contemporary possibilities of his own musical journey.

Jade Casemore
Saturday, February 2nd. 7pm – 8.40pm.

Jade is a 20-year-old Melbourne based singer-songwriter. She began learning music at age seven and is currently studying music at university with mentors such as Ainslie Wills, Ella Hooper, Hailey Cramer and Stevic Mackay (Twelve Foot Ninja). Jade’s music is reminiscent of both Daughter and Gretta Ray in its uniquely intimate storytelling style. Writing has been Jade’s obsession for the past four years and she is certainly one to watch.

Vinod Prasanna and Roderick McLeod
Saturday, February 16. 7pm – 8.40pm. 

Bansuri flute master Vinod Prasanna and Kora player Roderick McLeod have been performing together since 2016, bringing their unique blend of world music, steeped in the traditions of Indian and African classical music.

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