Tulsi tea for the spring time

Spring is a busy time for your liver as this is when it’s most active. Drinking therapeutic quality ORGANIC INDIA Tulsi tea–which is infused with tulsi or ‘holy basil’–throughout spring can support your body’s natural spring-cleaning efforts.

Tulsi CLEANSE is super bitter for a reason: it stimulates liver and kidney function. Now is a good time to drink a mug of Tulsi CLEANSE on rising or at some stage during the day.

If your liver is cleansing toxins, your bowels need to eliminate those completely. Tulsi LAX serves to ensure effective, regular elimination, and is designed for daily consumption over longer time periods. It won’t send anybody rushing off to the bathroom. Drink one cup daily, anytime you like, although at night before bed or after Tulsi CLEANSE  in the early morning are particularly good times.

You can support your upper digestive system with one of the warming ginger flavours: Tulsi Ginger, Tulsi Turmeric Ginger or Tulsi Lemon Ginger. These will stoke the “agni”  (as it’s known in Ayurveda) or digestive fire. Tulsi TUMMY, or Tulsi Peppermint are other good options.

Aim for three cups of Tulsi per day throughout spring and try to adopt supportive dietary and lifestyle habits as well – good sleep, regular exercise, cleansing foods (juicy fruit in the morning, salad at lunch and steamed vegetables in the evening), minimal refined/processed foods, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. Intermittent fasting can release further untapped energy: eat dinner as early as you can and avoid any more food until breakfast the next morning, ensuring 12 to 14 hours of complete rest for your digestive system in between (herbal teas and water during this time are fine).

This is a basic guide – there’s so much one can do to support a cleanse but all of the above can be done relatively easily amid working and family duties.

You might also consider switching out chemicals if you haven’t already and adopting natural, organic alternatives in your diet, home and life.

ORGANIC INDIA has seven flavours of Tulsi in loose leaf in reusable 100g tins and most of our tea bags are now wrapped in compostable paper outers that are printed with soy-based ink, plus the teabags are made out of compostable plant fibre. If you are wanting to reduce your footprint, select Tulsi flavours that don’t contain natural added flavours (essential oils).  Jasmine, Sweet Rose, Lemon Ginger, Licorice, Honey Chamomile, Cinnamon Rose, Pomegranate Green and Raspberry Peach are all foil-lined to preserve the stability of the product. We are researching compostable outer wrap alternatives. Check out our 20 Ways to Re-Use a Teabag article

Written by Sally Martin – Business Development Manager, ORGANIC INDIA Australia and New Zealand

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