Introducing two new on-the-go body maintenance and performance DVDs

Peninsula Hot Springs are proud to introduce two DVD programs, ‘stretch and release’ and ‘back care’, designed by our very own Wellness Ambassador and former winter Olympian, Steph Prem. These programs are the embodiment of our core values at Peninsula Hot Springs.

Steph suffered a horrific post tournament back injury that sadly ended her Olympic journey. Her inspiring recovery led Steph to discover a love of Pilates and a passion for “empowering, uplifting and educating people through movement and wellness practices” Steph truly enjoys “encouraging people to live their happiest and healthiest lives”.

Steph brings a wealth of knowledge and abundance of experience to each of the programs which focus on the care and performance of your body by using the understanding of body techniques gained through her post accident recovery process. Steph is the Founder and Director of Studio PP which is a leading studio within the health and wellness industry, offering a complete health space in Melbourne. The range of classes includes; Pilates, yoga, barre, bootcamp, boxing, spin and personal training, as well as offering in-house access to nutritionists, myotherapy, remedial massage and podiatry.

Be guided by Steph’s fresh, genuine and educated voice, as she helps you get closer to your ideal body function. Set in the tranquil surroundings of Peninsula Hot Springs, where water and nature surround and calm your mind throughout the programs. Combining these programs with thermal bathing can give you the best chance at improving your body function and strengthening your muscles.

“Give your body the best chance to be pain free, mobile, flexible and strong by following the Peninsula Hot Springs back care and stretch DVDs and let Steph guide you through a carefully selected sequence of exercise and stretches which will serve you well into the future” explained Brook Ramage, General Manager at Peninsula Hot Springs.

Steph will guide you through the 25 minute ‘stretch and release’ program, which will work on the performance of the entire body whilst improving flexibility and range of motion. The aim of this program is to get into the daily habit of lengthening and strengthening your body. Steph believes that this program is “beneficial for both body and mind; whilst also aiding in relaxation and stress”, which is essential in creating a healthy and happy body. Performing stretches daily can aid in injury prevention and reduce tension in your body, a tiny change in the way you stretch can make a huge difference.

The guided 25 minute ‘back care’ program uses three components throughout the program; core strength, dynamic stretching and trigger pointing which are the key to mitigating and avoiding pain. Sadly most of us will experience back pain, stiffness or injury at some point in our lives. Maintenance and prevention is key when it comes to good back health and care. The program is suitable for all levels and ages who suffer from, or want to avoid back pain as it aims to restoring efficient range of motion, improve core stability and posture. Concentrating highly on the breath, the emphasis is on slow and steady movement to ensure the correct muscles are targeted in a proper manner. Steph will take you through your paces on the mat, foam roller and help you mitigate stress and pain in the body. If you spend hours sitting during the day then this is the DVD for you, once you have completed this program you should feel aligned with improved posture and body awareness.

At Peninsula Hot Springs we are always looking for a new way to enhance our guests experience and help them live an active, functional, and balanced lifestyle. The release of our new DVD programs represents the importance of keeping our bodies and minds healthy.  In the coming years, both Steph Prem and the Peninsula Hot Springs will be providing more wellness opportunities for all of their guests in the form of workshops, and retreats, all with different purposes.

Purchase the ‘stretch and release’ or ‘back care’ program DVDs online now.

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