world bathing day 2018

June 22 marks a special day in the global bathing calendar. In celebration of World Bathing Day, people at hot springs all over the world will be bathing at sunrise and sunset and documenting the experience. Using photography, video and the hashtag #worldbathingday, we will create a shared experience and cultivate a global understanding of the practice of hot springs bathing and its cultural significance.

Join us as people from all cultures and generations come together for a day of storytelling and activities. The day will open with a sunrise ceremony at our Hilltop Pool – a ceremony that will be replicated at hot springs across the globe as the sun wakes each bathing destination. A program of bathing workshops will continue up until sunset.

We would love for as many people as possible to become part of the hot springs bathing narrative.

Activity Program

7:36am          Sunrise ceremony at Hilltop pool

8:00am           Warm water exercise class

9:00am           Global bathing journey

10:00am         Tea workshop with Organic India

11:00am          Body clay workshop at Clay Ridge

12noon            Forest bathing walk

1:00pm            Hot & cold bathing workshop

2:00pm            Body clay workshop

3:00pm            Global bathing journey

4:00pm            Didgeridoo sound meditation

5:07pm            Sunset ceremony at Hilltop pool

Note: All activities are included with Bath House entry and we invite you register on the day. Places are limited for some activities so we encourage people to arrive early. (Program subject to change)

To be part of this inaugural global celebration we welcome you to book at our Bath House.



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