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Peninsula Hot Springs is pleased to support World Bathing Day on Saturday 22nd June 2019. An initiative of the Bathe the World Foundation, World Bathing Day is an international celebration of water and the diverse rituals and cultural traditions associated with the act of bathing and cleansing. The day will commence with the iconic sunrise ceremony at our Hilltop Pool and flow throughout the day with a program of bathing workshops and mind-body activities concluding with a sunset ceremony and electronica sound bathing in our new Amphitheatre.

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Sunrise ceremony

Be immersed in our iconic hilltop pool as Lionel Lauch from Living Culture welcomes the sun with his healing didgeridoo.
Complimentary with Bath House bathing, view our program for timings.

Traditional Japanese bathing

Discover the rich tradition of Japanese onsen bathing in this special experience held exclusively on World Bathing Day. With gender specific sessions, our hosts will introduce you to the etiquette of authentic unclothed bathing, share travel stories and guide you into our private Japanese bathing ‘pop-up’, complete with traditional Yuzu-yu fruit. Each session will be hosted by members of the Davidson family who originally founded Peninsula Hot Springs.
Complimentary with Bath House bathing, view our program for timings.

Women’s Turkish Hamam

Our steam room will transform into a private women’s sanctuary where all cultures can come together to enjoy this self-guided experience.
Complimentary with Bath House bathing, view our program for timings.

Global Bathing Journey

The ultimate introduction to global hot springs culture. Discover our iconic experiences including the Nordic sauna to the Chinese-inspired reflexology walk, Turkish Hamam and much more.
Book the global bathing journey, view our program for timings.

Moroccan Hammam workshop

Discover the art of Moroccan hammam steam bathing. Hosted by special guest, Jamila El Maroudi from Mira’s Hand, you will be guided through a traditional ritual inspired by family traditions.
Complimentary with Bath House bathing, view our program for timings.

Hot springs yoga

Held in our new Amphitheatre, join friends and fellow bathers in our custom-designed pools for a yoga class like no other. The class combines the benefits of geothermal bathing with stretching, strengthening and balancing yoga poses.
Complimentary with Bath House bathing, view our program for timings.

Sound bathing meditation

Chris Dixon is a renowned yoga and meditation teacher who has a deep love, passion, and appreciation of wellness, health, and creating soulful sound experiences. Working with groups and individuals for a decade in the health industry, Chris has had the privilege of sharing his movement and sound journeys here in Australia and internationally. Originally from the States, Chris developed his singer songwriter style amongst the oceans and beaches of Southern California. His sound can be described as a breath of fresh air on a warm and sunny day. Come take a dip in on World Bathing day and enjoy the refreshing sounds that Chris will be sharing from the Amphitheatre stage.
Complimentary with Bath House bathing, view our program for timings.

Chinese Reflexology guided walk

Be guided through a sensory experience inspired by the science of Chinese reflexology. Traipse across the 10 different stones of our
reflexology walk, which stimulate various acupressure points in your feet.
Complimentary with Bath House bathing, view our program for timings.

Sunset ceremony

Join us in our iconic Hilltop Pool at sunset for the official closing ceremony of World Bathing Day at Peninsula Hot Springs. Lionel Lauch from Living Culture will share the healing sounds of his didgeridoo.
Complimentary with Bath House bathing, view our program for timings.

Electronica sound bathing

To create a new sensory experience for guests that engages sounds of nature and water ingrained in electronica. A special event to contribute to World Bathing Day activities. Martiln, is an electronic musician from Melbourne, with a constantly evolving and varied sound, Martiln blends elements from a wide array of different musical genres into lush, deep and emotional tracks, that take the listener on a sound-driven journey.
Complimentary with Bath House bathing, view our program for timings.



Fire & Ice workshops

Discover a twist on our classic Fire and Ice workshops with sessions cohosted by Marko Tossavainen of Sauna HQ or extreme wellness expert Professor Marc Cohen. World Bathing Day special sessions include a Finnish perspective on hot and cold therapy or take it one step further with an Extreme Bathing experience.
Book the fire, ice and bathe workshop, view our program for timings.

Body Clay workshops

Our unique body clay workshops are being transformed this World Bathing Day. Each session is inspired by a different bathing culture from the Middle East to Korea as well as our own Australian experience.
Book the body clay and bathe workshop, view our program for timings.


Mat Pilates

Enhance your strength and mobility to become a master of your own body in our dynamic mat Pilates class. Enjoy a refreshing sequence designed to build strength in your core and improve your overall wellbeing.
Book the mat pilates workshop, view our program for timings.

Reformer Pilates

Experience a dynamic and diverse full-body workout on Reformer Pilates ‘beds’ to help increase core strength and joint stability.
Book the reformer pilates workshop, view our program for timings.

Forest Bathing guided walk

Learn to walk more mindfully through the Japanese practice of Shinrinyoku. The guided walk will immerse you in our unique landscape, get you closer to nature and could help boost your immunity or lower adrenaline levels, among other benefits.
Complimentary with Bath House bathing, view our program for timings.


baby in a bucket

To help promote World Bathing Day to the wider community, the Bathe the World Foundation encourages people around the world to get involved on social media by sharing a cute Instagram photo of your baby bathing in a bucket of water with the #babyinabucket. On World Bathing Day we will be providing a unique photo opportunity for you to snap a picture of your little one in a unique Peninsula Hot Springs bucket (known as our baby barrels) in our family bathing area. See our staff on the day for more information.

live music

In addition to our sound bathing activities, we will be hosting local artists in our Bath House Cafe to entertain you over lunch with soothing sounds. More information to come soon on these acts.

Brad Kennedy – 11.30am – 12.15pm

Brad Kennedy is a Mornington Peninsula singer, songwriter, guitarist with 30 years’ experience recording and playing live. With a huge repertoire of original material that draw influences from many genres, Brad writes uplifting songs from the heart about life, love, the sun and the moon.

Ben Smith – 2.30 – 3.15pm

Ben Smith is a British born singer songwriter based in Melbourne.  After a fruitful career in the UK in his teens and early twenties, recording albums with American record label Vel Vel and working with producer Chris Neil, Ben decided to bring his talent to Australia.  Ben won the Maton song writing competition and achieved the first ever clean sweep of the Australian Music Week.  He has released five albums, and after 15 years of playing in Melbourne and around Australia, Ben Smith has become one of the shining lights on the national touring circuit.

hot talks

Learn something new from our 20-minute ‘Hot Talks’ by leading industry experts on our Bath House Amphitheatre Stage.

Kate Save, CEO of Be Fit Food and an Accredited Practicing Dietitian – 3.30pm – 3.50pm

Kate Save, Accredited Exercise Physiologist and a Diabetes Educator, will talk about ‘The Food Connection’. Food connects us in so many ways – culturally, emotionally, socially and physically. Discover how food not only nourishes us but also affects our mood through the gut-brain connection. Most importantly, food has the power to slow down the ageing process and to help us live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Dr Marc Cohen – 4pm – 4.20pm

Dr Marc Cohen with speak on the topic of ‘Can bathing save the world?”. Dr (Professor) Marc Cohen is a registered GP with degrees in physiology and psychological medicine, as well as PhDs in Chinese medicine and biomedical engineering, Bathing brings health, happiness, comfort and dignity and is part of virtually all cultural and spiritual traditions. Bathing is also the cheapest and most potent health intervention on earth. This talk will discuss how different forms of bathing such as sauna bathing, ice bathing and geothermal bathing can lead to powerful changes in our psychology and physiology and how bathing has the power to transform our state of being and the whole world.

Brook Ramage, Wellness Director at Peninsula Hot Springs – 4.30pm – 4.50pm

Brook Ramage will highlight his top ten hints for managing stress in today’s fast paced world of high pressure and even higher expectations. Brook has over 25 years’ experience in the health and wellness industry specialising in exclusive health retreats.

How to get involved

World Bathing Day is a global initiative which aims to drive awareness of the importance of bathing in clean water and to raise funds for the Bathe the World Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to explore and promote the benefits of bathing and provide access to clean flowing water and bathing facilities in as many countries as possible through research, education, advocacy, awareness campaigns and events.

1. sunrise photos

Get Involved by sharing a beautiful sunrise bathing image on Instagram and don’t forget to use #worldbathingday to get involved in the global community.

2. visit us on June 22 and celebrate many global bathing cultures

With a host of activities, we have something for everyone to get involved in this World Bathing Day. Learn something new and join in on the global bathing culture.

3. baby in a bucket

Get involved by sharing a cute Instagram photo of your baby bathing in a bucket of water! Use the #babyinabucket tag to see the other pictures to promote this important message.

4. hold your own World Bathing Day event

Get involved by registering an event for  2019 World Bathing Day. Find out more on the World Bathing Day website.



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