enhancing collective mental and physical wellbeing

community engagement initiatives

community engagement initiatives

Enhancing collective mental and physical wellbeing is a key when we are working on activities within the community. Many of our initiatives focus on raising awareness and funds to support mental and physical health issues as well as providing a possible relief to individual customers who live with challenging ill-health conditions related to these issues. Here are some of the regular activities which we deliver in an attempt to achieve our missions.

share the warmth campaign

Mental health is a cause close to our hearts at the springs. Our ‘Share the Warmth’ campaign each year encourages guests to bring a friend who may be experiencing mental hardship (free of charge) to the Bath House to relax and bathe with them.

ride for relief event

We reunite with Mentis Assist each year for the annual Ride for Relief event; a community cycling event that helps promote and support community connections and mental health awareness and funds, through physical activity and hot springs bathing.

world mental health day campaign

Each year we aim to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day; an initiative that encourages people to submit a promise on how they can contribute to help reduce stigma around mental illness, making way for more people to seek help and support.

seniors week program

During Seniors Week in early October, our customers enjoy special offers at Peninsula Hot Springs, including Warm Water Exercise classes (which are complimentary with Bath House entry) and a 30-minute treatment at a special discounted price.

self-managing warm water exercise cards

Based on guidelines provided by Musculoskeletal Health Australia (MHA), Peninsula Hot Springs has created a set of water-proof exercise cards that provide routine exercise movements for our guests to practice in our hot spring pools.

These exercises are designed to ease and improve the symptoms of many musculoskeletal conditions, as well as body and mind-related stress. These cards are available for use by Bath House guests at any time, and assistance from our pool attendants is always available if required.

Exercises for mobility

Exercises for balance

Exercises for flexibility

Exercises for relaxation

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    Our community initiatives and events aim to help support the mental and physical wellbeing of our community by promoting bathing in our healing geothermal water and connecting with those around us.

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