signature overnight retreat: nature immersion

Thursday April 20 to Friday April 21

Be part of a well-rounded, holistic immersion designed to harness the restorative power of our natural surrounds at Peninsula Hot Springs. In an overnight experience held on April 20 to April 21, take time to rebalance as you find your way to a centred mind through dynamic movement, meditation, breathwork and nourishment.

Our first premier wellness retreat has been designed as a 'Nature Immersion', where guests will have the opportunity to ground themselves during the seasonal transition from the active 'Yang' to the slower, more passive 'Yin' state of being. Between bathing in our geothermal mineral springs, there will be movement through yoga, knowledge gained through educational workshops and nourishment through replenishing dining. At the end of the day, guests are invited to find slumber in one of ten luxury Glamping tents, on-site at Peninsula Hot Springs.

Spaces are limited, enquire now to secure your spot in our first signature overnight retreat.

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