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The dream we are building is one of a healthy, natural life where visitors can find time and space to relax and just be. Drawing inspiration from the health-giving natural resource that is the thermal mineral springs, we want to share the gentle life and help visitors find a warm, buoyant balance with nature, themselves and each other. Our purpose is to create experiences where people relax in nature and connect with the deep well of their being

As Peninsula Hot Springs evolves over the coming years we will see the various elements of a complete health, wellness, relaxation and rejuvenation centre unfold with further transformational day visitation experiences and overnight accommodation in stage three and four of our master plan.

Current works:

Stage 3:                                Bath House expansion

As a part of Stage 3, seven new pools will be added to the Bath House bathing area which sits on a hill facing a new amphitheatre. This area will open the opportunities for Peninsula Hot Springs to run various events including wellness activities, music, talks, cooking demonstrations as well as corporate and community programs.

Peninsula Hot Springs will also create a ‘fire and ice’ experience which includes two large saunas, an ice cave and plunge pool. Guests will be able to utilise these three new experiences in combination for hot, cold therapy to enhance their visit to the Bath House and overall wellbeing.

With this expansion, we will require a new amenities block and café to accommodate the increased number of guests who will be visiting the Bath House. These new buildings will be constructed in line with our company values by utilising a variety of natural materials and bringing nature into each touchpoint.

Café concept                                                       Change room concept

Peninsula Hot Springs has been running wellness activities over the last few years, such as yoga, these classes are generally run outdoors and are therefore seasonal. To continue to increase our wellness offerings to our guests a multipurpose room will be added, creating a space that can be used for wellness classes, retreats as well as for internal and external groups for various activities.

Multipurpose room concept

Overall this stage will double the current size of the Bath House bathing area and provide a variety of new experiences to our guests, while continuing to drive us towards our goal of providing an entire wellness space for our guests to explore and enjoy. While we are doubling the available bathing space we are only planning on increasing the number of guests who can enjoy the facility by 50% providing a more spacious and enjoyable experience for all guests.

Stage 4:                                Adding accommodation facilities

Stay at the springs

As part of stage 4, our 32 hectare (78 acre) site will be home to 126 rooms of accommodation and a Wellness (Health and Wellbeing) Centre, with myriads of walking tracks leading to lakeside and hilltop relaxation viewing areas.

There will be private lodges for couples, friends and groups of up to 14 as well as condominiums with double rooms and a capacity of 30. The lodges will include their own gardens and private outdoor hot spring baths, lounges with open fires and couches.

All rooms will be within a few minutes' walk to the main Bath House and Spa Dreaming Centre, however, if you prefer, it will be possible to arrange spa treatments in the comfort of your room.

Some of the private honeymoon lodges will have their own separate yoga studio complete with a daybed - giving you every opportunity to do absolutely nothing but bliss out. Imagine on a clear summer or winter's night laying out in your private mineral spring bath looking up at the Milky Way, wrapped up in the warmth of the good life...

Guests will come for short, luxurious getaway stays and for week-long wellness programs. Small conference and meeting groups will find that perfect space for inspiration. While recharging the mind, the body and soul can be rejuvenated with a total wellness check and assessment.

Current master plan for Peninsula Hot Springs


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