December 22, 2021

chill out with us this summer

Written by Emily

As the temperature heats up, now is the perfect time to escape the city and venture to our coastal oasis. Nestled in nature and just 90 minutes from Melbourne, Peninsula Hot Springs has a range of new and existing cooling Bath House experiences available from 5am to 11pm that will help you cool down, unwind and soak up the summer.

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escape to our chillout zone

Located in our Bath House, the Chill Out Zone is one of our favourite areas to spend time during the warm Summer months. Feel refreshed in our cold plunge, take a step into our ice cave and chamber, and immerse yourself in our Amphitheatre geothermal pools that have been made cooler for the season.

cool down with our coastal breeze

Did you know that the springs is often several degrees cooler than Melbourne in the summertime?

Take advantage our naturally shaded paths coupled with the coastal climate of Fingal and sea breeze that sweeps through from both Port Phillip and Westernport Bays. With deck chairs, hammocks and sunbeds scattered throughout the bathing area, the Bath House is a perfect spot to relax and unwind between hot spring bathing during the summertime.

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nourish your appetite

Take time out from bathing, find a table right by our spritzing fans and nourish your body with a meal or refreshment selected from our delicious Amphitheatre Café summer menu or Bath House Café. We have something to suit every appetite with fresh salads, meals served straight from the grill and sharing platters and cheese boards – to name just a few.

Bath House Café Open from 7:30am to 9pm

Amphitheatre Cafe Open from 11am-5pm (from December 27, 2021)

For those looking to take a break under a shady tree in our picnic area, why not pre-order one of our delicious hampers, freshly prepared in our Amphitheatre or perhaps utilise the QR ordering system located in our Moroccan Pavilion and Sun Lounge.

soak and spritz

Located in our Bath House, our refreshing water spritzing fans will be working around the clock to help provide guests that pass by with a cooling breeze in between bathes.

Available from December 27

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uncover your inner picasso

Spend time in our handcrafted Clay Ridge landscape and allow our knowledgeable hosts to take you through our unique body clay experience. Combining the healing powers of raw earth and water, our range of Australian detoxifying clays used during this experience each exhibit their own unique therapeutic benefits that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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take the plunge

Reawaken your mind and body with our Wim Hof inspired Fire and Ice guided experience. Discover the healing benefits of contrast therapy as one of our expert wellness hosts guides you through the practice behind this ancient therapy. Flow between our wet and dry saunas, a large cold plunge pool, sub-zero ice cave and deep freeze; thermal mineral showers and our most breathtaking feature: a four-degree Celsius ice plunge pool, perfect for when the sun is out.

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here comes the sun

Our newest relaxation space, the Sun Lounge is designed for guests looking to embrace the healing benefits of Vitamin D but also includes a relaxing undercover lounge for guests looking for shelter from the elements.

For those looking to escape the heat our Moroccan Pavilion is a unique all-weather space with QR ordering available from 10am – 6pm. Guests will be able to relax, reconnect and more importantly indulge in a range of our food and beverage options pre and post bathe.

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