November 17, 2023

Day Trips from Melbourne: Why Peninsula Hot Springs Is the Ultimate Destination

Written by Amelia

when it comes to day trips from Melbourne, there are a few essential criteria to tick off: your destination needs to be within a couple of hours’ drive, offer stunning nature views, and come with great culinary options.

If heading to the Mornington Peninsula for a hot springs day trip, consider all of those boxes ticked.

Peninsula Hot Springs is located approximately 90 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD. Our world renowned wellness destination takes you on a holistic wellbeing journey that leaves you feeling simultaneously revitalised and deeply calmed. From enjoying treatments in our Spa Dreaming Centre to soaking your body in our thermal springs or indulging in our thoughtfully curated menu, it’s certainly worth the drive.

As far as stunning nature views go, this is one of the features that distinguishes Peninsula Hot Springs from the wonderful bath houses in Melbourne. Our sprawling grounds are flush with native trees, plants and wildlife — and the 360-degree view from our Bath House hilltop pool is hard to beat.

In addition to enjoying the splendour of our bathing areas (choose between Bath House bathing or all-of-site bathing, which includes the tranquil Spa Dreaming Centre), visitors might also like to explore our other offerings.

private baths

As well as our general bathing areas, we also have a selection of private baths nestled within our adults only Spa Dreaming Centre. Groups of up to five can experience misty mornings, sunlit days or starry nights from our private outdoor baths, while our indoor baths can accommodate up to two people.

These indoor baths, which are ceramic and filled with geothermal mineral water, offer sanctuary in a small pavilion with calming garden views — the perfect way to relax on your Mornington Peninsula hot springs day trip.

massages and facials

Spa treatments pair beautifully with bathing in thermal springs. We offer a thoughtfully curated yet diverse array of facials and body treatments — from relaxation and hot stone massages to mud wraps, body scrubs and organic facials. We also have indulgent spa packages that combine our Spa Dreaming Centre’s blissful experiences.


If embarking on a day trip from Melbourne, you’ll need to refuel with nourishing food. Our on-site eateries serve S.L.O.W (seasonal, local, organic, whole) foods from morning until night.

The casual Bath House cafe is where you’ll find chia puddings, gourmet pizzas, rice paper rolls and plenty of hot snacks all day. Our Spa Dreaming Centre dining room offers a sit-down dining experience featuring incredible local fare. The best way to secure a spot in the Spa Dreaming Centre restaurant is by booking a Dine and Bathe package.


Turn your day trip into a night trip and fully immerse yourself in Peninsula Hot Springs by booking in overnight Glamping accommodation. Glamping on the Mornington Peninsula involves falling asleep and waking up to the sound of local birdlife and Eastern Banjo (or “pobblebonk”) frogs. Our accommodation package includes all-of-site bathing, yoga, our Fire and Ice workshop and breakfast in the Spa Dreaming Centre.

live & local: sunday sessions

As well as serving a scrumptious menu every day, our Bath House cafe dishes up live music every Sunday afternoon. Sunday Sessions run from 2pm until 5pm and feature fantastic local artists that you can enjoy while you unwind with a pizza, grazing platter or glass of wine.

wellness activities

Whether you’re arriving at your Mornington Peninsula hot springs day trip via car or other transport, you’ll most likely be craving a little movement and grounding by the time you arrive.

Deepen your wellbeing experience by adding on one of our rejuvenating wellness activities. Choose from a mat yoga class (7.30am daily), Fire and Ice Workshop (9.30am, 10.30am, 12pm and 2pm daily), Body Clay Ritual (10.30am, 1pm and 3pm daily) or Bathing Barrels experience (Friday to Monday on the hour between 11am and 6pm daily, excluding 1pm). You can also join in for a free Hot Spring Yoga class in the Amphitheatre every day at 9.15am.

Whether you’re looking for a bath house in Melbourne or a blissful way to spend your day, consider taking a day trip from Melbourne to enjoy bathing, pampering or glamping on the Mornington Peninsula.

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Whether you choose to visit the Bath House, Spa Dreaming Centre or both - you will leave feeling the benefits of geothermal bathing.

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