March 8, 2022

how to spend a day luxuriating at peninsula hot springs

Written by Amelia

From humble beginnings as just a Spa Dreaming Centre with geothermal bathing and treatments, Peninsula Hot Springs has evolved over the years into a wellness oasis with a diverse range of experiences.

Today, our Bath House alone is now home to over 50 globally-inspired bathing and wellness experiences — including hot and cold thermal spa baths of varying sizes and styles; massaging mineral showers; an Ice Cave and Deep Freeze; several kinds of saunas; relaxation areas and more. It’s all part of our mission to be known not just as a place to visit hot springs in Australia, but an immersive wellness destination where guests can connect with the deep well of their being. With so much to explore, allow us to guide you through how you might spend a day enjoying our thermal springs in Victoria.

arrive and take an invigorating walk up to the hilltop pool.

If you’re arriving to our Bath House from Melbourne or beyond, you might like to stretch your legs with a short climb up to the iconic hilltop pool.

Our beloved hilltop pool is known for its sweeping 360-degree views from Port Phillip Bay to Bass Strait. If you arrive early enough, this is a beautiful spot to enjoy the sunrise — but the fresh air and stunning vista is ideal any time of day and makes the hilltop pool one of the most unique hot springs in Australia.

Enhance your experience with an early morning yoga or mat Pilates class (alternating), held in our Wellness Activity Centre from 7.30am until 8.15am every day. Movement practices and thermal springs bathing make a great combination.

meander your way down the bathing gully.

As you return from the hilltop pool, you’ll come across the various thermal spa baths dotted throughout the bathing gully. From the foot bath to the base camp and moon viewing pools, take your time and exploring some of the best thermal springs in Victoria.

Enhance your visit with a “Reset” booking, which includes Spa Dreaming Centre geothermal bathing as well as access to the Bath House.

relax in the Turkish steam bath (hammam).

We may be a thermal springs on the Mornington Peninsula, but our experiences are globally-inspired. Our steam bath, which is located at the foot of the bathing gully, is built in the tradition of the Turkish hamam. Steam rooms help rid the body of toxins and hydrate your respiratory system, among other benefits. For the full experience, you can purchase an exfoliating mitt and soap from Bath House reception and gently scrub your body to improve skin health and circulation.

Also within this area is a cold plunge pool, massaging mineral showers and our underground traditional sauna. Move between these experiences for a rejuvenating morning ritual — then wander back via the Japanese-inspired Cave Pool and traipse across the Reflexology Walk.

enjoy a coffee, chai or chia pudding in the bath house cafe.

If you’re enjoying a Bath House in Melbourne, naturally there must be barista-made coffee involved. Pause and refuel with morning tea in our partly open-air, partly covered Bath House cafe, where we have a selection of nourishing breakfast snacks, plus an array of teas, freshly squeezed juices and delicious coffee.

Enhance your visit with a 75-minute Food Bowl Nourish Workshop, where you’ll learn about the S.L.O.W (seasonal, local, organic, whole) food philosophy while indulging in nutritious morning tea overlooking our food bowl.

wander over to the amphitheatre pools for hot springs yoga.

Our Amphitheatre is among the newest facilities at Peninsula Hot Springs. It features seven pools with views to our Amphitheatre stage, which is where we hold complimentary Hot Spring Yoga classes daily at 9.15am. Practising yoga in our thermal spa baths is an immersive experience in which guests are encouraged to explore gentle movement while enjoying the restorative, balancing effects of geothermal mineral water.

explore the fire and ice area.

Nestled within the Amphitheatre space is our Fire and Ice zone, which includes an Ice Cave, Deep Freeze, large cold plunge pool, two 30-person saunas and several massaging mineral showers. The benefits of hot-and-cold (or contrast) therapy include reduced inflammation, better cardiovascular health, improved mood and a boost in energy. We suggest pushing the edges of your comfort zone by alternating between hot and cold and then finishing in a neutral environment (such as a warm mineral shower or thermoneutral pool).

Enhance your experience with a guided Fire and Ice Workshop, where you’ll learn about the practice and benefits of contrast therapy and have the opportunity to plunge into our Ice Bath.

take a breather in one of our relaxation spaces.

We have several dedicated relaxation spaces throughout the Bath House for moments when you’d like to take a breather from the thermal spa baths — including the Amphitheatre sun lounge and a large relaxation dome beside the Amphitheatre cold plunge pool. There is also the Moroccan tent, which is open to all bathing guests (unless privately booked) and features luxurious day beds.

have lunch in our bath house cafe or bring your own picnic.

When it comes to lunchtime, our Bath House cafe offers everything from felafel salads to a variety of gourmet pizzas. You are also more than welcome to pack a picnic to enjoy at our picnic tables or beneath a canopy of trees in one of our lush grassed areas.

Enhance your midweek experience with a Weekday Getaway for Two package, which includes Bath House bathing; hire of lockers, robes and towels; gourmet pizzas and freshly squeezed juices for two.

rest in an amphitheatre hammock.

After immersing yourself in our thermal spa baths and enjoying some of the region’s finest fresh produce, it’s time to venture beyond the Amphitheatre pools to find our hammock area. Lie back, read a book or simply close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the birds and frogs that make bathing in thermal springs on the Mornington Peninsula such a joy.

Enhance your visit with our Body Clay Ritual, a 45-minute activity that takes place in our Clay Ridge are and is equal parts playful and grounding.

bathe the afternoon away.

You could easily while away the rest of the afternoon revisiting your favourite experiences or exploring any you might have missed — for example, the bubble spa couch, hydrotherapy pool and bathing barrels near the Bath House cafe, or the hydrojet pool.

And, if you’re around for sunset, admire the changing sky from the hilltop pool — or stick around to see the stars come out as you gaze up from your thermal spa bath and consider how lucky we are to have hot springs in Australia.

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