December 31, 2023

Is there a New Peninsula Hot Springs? Unveiling the Facts

Written by Amelia

We’ve become aware of whispers in the community that Peninsula Hot Springs might have a new location. Let’s explore these rumours and look at our other hot springs establishments in exciting new locations.

Addressing whether Peninsula Hot Springs has a new location

Our coastal wellbeing oasis is and has always been located on the Mornington Peninsula. In fact, Peninsula Hot Springs has been here for around 20 years. However, read on to learn more about our new hot springs in other locations.

Is Peninsula Hot Springs a new hot springs on the Mornington Peninsula?

When you consider the thousands of years of hot spring history, Peninsula Hot Springs is very new. However, we have been at our current location in Fingal for two decades now, meaning Peninsula Hot Springs is not exactly a ‘new’ hot springs on the Mornington Peninsula: rather, we are pioneers in the Australian bathing industry.

Metung Hot Springs: a new hot springs in Victoria

Peninsula Hot Springs itself may not have a new location, but Peninsula Hot Springs Group opened a second facility in late 2022 with the unveiling of Metung Hot Springs — a new hot springs in Victoria.

Located three hours from Melbourne, Metung Hot Springs offers some of the same experiences as Peninsula Hot Springs: guests can immerse themselves in geothermal mineral pools, cold plunge pools, saunas and spa treatments. Yet they can also enjoy new hot springs experiences such as bathing on an escarpment overlooking the vast saltwater expanse of Lake King.

You could say Metung Hot Springs is a new Peninsula Hot Springs — but in a radically different landscape that transforms the bathing experience.

New spa experiences on the Mornington Peninsula

We might have been around for decades, but our offering is forever evolving. Most recently we launched our Bathing Barrels Experience — a collection of barrels filled with geothermal mineral water in a secluded area surrounded by native trees. Crafted from timber, we like to think of each Bathing Barrel as a way to experience a tiny, brand new spa on the Mornington Peninsula.

And if you’re looking to experience another kind of new spa near Melbourne, our monthly Massage Workshops offer a unique journey into exploring massage techniques and ancient wellbeing practices so you can create your own day spa at home.

Peninsula Hot Springs Group's new location

In addition to the opening of Metung Hot Springs in 2022, earlier this year Peninsula Hot Springs Group opened Cunnamulla Hot Springs in outback Queensland. This new location offers views of the Warrego River as well as incredible open skies, and a totally new nature experience compared with our Victorian hot springs destinations.

Relax and rejuvenate with a visit to Peninsula Hot Springs

While Peninsula Hot Springs remains on the same site where we first tapped into geothermal water many moons ago, we do have new spa and bathing experiences being unveiled all the time — and some new ‘sister’ springs you might like to visit elsewhere in the country.

Frequently asked questions

Has Peninsula Hot Springs moved to a new location?

Our original establishment on the Mornington Peninsula remains in the same location as ever.

Does Peninsula Hot Springs have a new address?

Peninsula Hot Springs has always had the same address: Springs Lane, Fingal. If you would like to visit Peninsula Hot Springs, the easiest way to reach us is by car. This takes around 90 minutes from Melbourne city centre.

Does Peninsula Hot Springs have other locations?

Peninsula Hot Springs Group has recently opened Metung Hot Springs and Cunnamulla Hot Springs in new locations (in Gippsland and outback Queensland, respectively).

For any further questions about our location or your visit to Peninsula Hot Springs, get in touch with us today.

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