December 14, 2023

looking back at our first overnight retreat, journey within

Written by Grace

In the embrace of nature, Peninsula Hot Springs recently played host to its inaugural overnight retreat, "Journey Within," a transformative experience that unfolded on 1 & 2 December, 2023.

Nestled within the grounds of the hot springs, participants were invited to embark on a holistic and nurturing journey, immersing themselves in a conscious exploration of well-being.

a holistic approach

A home for conscious wellness, Peninsula Hot Springs empowered participants to shift their awareness inward, prompting a recognition of what truly serves their well-being. The retreat served as a haven for those seeking relaxation, self-reflection, knowledge, nature time, and connection with like-minded souls.

inner exploration with wellness practitioners

Participants were guided through the exploration of each sense as a doorway to inner awareness, fostering a deep connection with the deep well of their being.

Dr. Michelle Woolhouse, a holistic doctor and author, along with Sonja Krau-Bleu, yoga practitioner, Freya Lawler, resident naturopath & nutritionist, and Max Jared, sound healer, served as key facilitators in this transformative retreat.

Dr. Woolhouse reflected on the retreat as "a chance to retreat from the busyness of modern life, providing a unique opportunity to become still, nurtured, and convene in the arms of Mother Nature. Stress, has become ubiquitous and celebrated, and the retreat allowed participants to reassess their relationship with stress, anxiety, and burnout."

Freya Lawler, resident naturopath, expressed her honor in participating in the retreat. She highlighted the memorable Friday evening long table dinner, celebrating nutritious food and new connections. Collaborating with Chef Andy on a menu heroing local wholefoods and the importance of balancing blood sugar, Freya emphasised the foundational aspects of restoring the body's natural rhythms.

Executive Chef Andrew Greenlees and Resident Naturopath Freya Lawler curated a mindful menu, offering paddock-to-plate, nutrient-dense, locally sourced wholefoods from Peninsula Hot Springs' Food Bowl. The culinary experience was a celebration of nourishing the body and soul.

a full-spectrum retreat experience

Participants enjoyed a comprehensive two-day and one-night experience, featuring accommodation, paddock-to-plate meals, hot springs bathing, and a curated wellness program. Activities included spa treatments, yoga, hot-cold contrast therapies, breathwork, sound healing, masterclasses, and special guest presenters.

"I loved the talks by Michelle and Freya as they shared a very practical approach to both mental and physical wellness. The bathing element was also very grounding for me, especially the barrel soak. It was more the solace aspect rather than the herbs but the location was amazing." - Holly, Journey Within participant

luxury glamping for optimal rest

Recognising the pivotal role of rest in maintaining optimal well-being, the retreat provided participants with luxury glamping accommodation and all-of-site bathing. This luxurious touch ensured that participants experienced a truly restorative Journey Within.

The Journey Within retreat stood as a testament to the commitment to holistic well-being, offering a haven for self-discovery, mindful nourishment, and deep rejuvenation. As the sun set on the grounds of the Springs on December 2, 2023, the echoes of transformation lingered, promising a new tradition in the conscious exploration of wellness at Peninsula Hot Springs.

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