August 2, 2021

proactive wellbeing

Written by Sophie

It may be tempting to just stay inside, warm and wrapped under a blanket during the cold days of winter but being proactive about your wellbeing can help you get through the chilly months healthier than ever. Make sure to prioritise movement, eat well and nurture your immune system to keep your health in great shape all season long.

harness the power of movement

Regular exercise in fresh air is one of the pillars of healthy living. It improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, helps control body weight and protects against a variety of diseases. Outdoor activities such as hiking, bike riding, golf or yoga combined with mineral bathing all contribute to a healthy immune system. Select an enjoyable activity like bushwalking or swimming or aquatic therapies in an outdoor heated pool that makes exercise the highlight of your week.

Research shows by doing regular physical activity out in the winter sun can do wonders for your mood and boost levels of the 'happy' hormone, dopamine when performed regularly. Both exercise and bright light trigger the release of endorphins, our body's natural feel-good chemical which helps to relieve pain and stress. Exercising and moving the body outside exposes us to natural Vitamin D, which is important for improving mood and can help support your immune system to fight off winter bugs.

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embrace the importance of recovery

When it comes to keeping active, it's important to also focus on recovery. Especially in winter, give yourself time to do extra warm up exercises and cool down stretches to prevent muscle injury. Staying hydrated, eating well and getting enough sleep are important factors to aid in muscle recovery, as is soaking your muscles in a warm bath at home or the geothermal mineral waters you find here at Peninsula Hot Springs.  Peninsula Hot Springs' geothermal water contains different minerals, each one possessing unique healing qualities. Boron, which is found in our pools, is just one mineral that helps build muscle mass and strengthen bones.

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If you can't get to the springs, bring a little of the springs home to you with our Mineral Magnesium Bath Salts. Matched to the mineral content of our water and infused with our signature scent, soaking in a bath with our Mineral Magnesium Salts may help to relieve muscle soreness and even promote a better night's sleep.

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