November 12, 2021

soakember at the springs

Written by Emily

Created during the pandemic, Soakember, held on November 14 was designed to connect hot spring locations and bathing enthusiasts from around the world through a joint appreciation and celebration of the health benefits of geothermal and mineral bathing, hydrothermal therapies and nature-based wellness activities.

“We’ve been isolated for so long, but it’s important that find ways to come back together as a community and nature can be such a powerful natural healer.” Karen Golden, Executive GM Tourism & Wellness Group, Belgravia Leisure.

the importance of nature and hot springs bathing

This year’s celebration highlights the numerous health benefits of hot springs bathing and connecting with nature.

At Peninsula Hot Springs, we invite guests year round to immerse themselves in our geothermal water which comes from a natural well deep below the earth’s surface. Our water is infused with natural minerals and trace elements which detoxify the body and rejuvenate the spirit.

the virtual event

In recognition of this year’s theme: ‘Soak Together and Heal Together’, three iconic bathing facilities from Australia and one from Aotearoa New Zealand will be streamed live on Sunday November 13 from 9am-11am (AEST) on Soakember’s Facebook page. Peninsula Hot Springs is scheduled to perform at 10:50am (AEST).

For further information on the event, you may wish to subscribe to updates on the Soakember website, Facebook and Instagram.

Watch the live soak here

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