October 19, 2022

soakember 2022

Written by Amanda

Soakember celebrates the health benefits of hot springs, hydrothermal therapies, and nature-based wellness activities.

The idea of Soakember was born during the pandemic from the thought of connecting with hot spring locations and visitors around the world, as countries enforced social distancing practices. Soakember creates a platform allowing hot spring locations to "Soak Together and Heal Together.”

This years celebration highlights the numerous health benefits of hot spring soaking and connecting with nature emphasising that hot springs are the original wellness destination. Hot springs in more than ten countries around the world will celebrate centuries of soaking tradition on November 12, 2022.

Soakember showcases how hot springs support the health and wellbeing of all people through the healing and immune-boosting benefits of Mother Nature's original wellness destination while also celebrating the diversity of soaking practices from around the world.

Secure your booking for November 12 and be part of this unique, global event.

the program | november 12

Peninsula local musician, creator Spud Thompson | 6pm

Spud Thompson is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and emotive vocalist whose work runs the whole gamut of human emotion improvised sonic soundscapes painted with more familiar ballad, folk roots and synthesized electronica colours and textures. His ambient soundscapes are inspired by his upbringing in rural Victoria surrounded by beaches and bush. He will be playing a live act to close our Soakember celebrations.

Complimentary with bathing


Movement class | 7:30am Develop mobility, flexibility and improve strength with physical movement in this daily class of either yoga or mat Pilates. Guided by an experienced host and teacher, this class will leave you feeling open and relaxed to perfectly complement your day of geothermal bathing.

Available to add for $15 as per your exisiting booking

Hot springs Yoga | 9:15am

This unique yoga class combines the benefits of geothermal bathing with stretching, strengthening and balancing yoga poses. Held in our Amphitheatre’s custom-designed pools with a Peninsula Hot Springs yoga instructor, enjoy a yoga class like no other.

Complimentary with bathing

Fire and Ice | 9:30am, 12pm, 2pm

Be invigorated by the powers of hot & cold therapy in our state-ofthe-art saunas and ice plunge. Flow between our hot saunas, our ice plunge pool and our cold plunge pool. You will learn and experience the key health benefits of this popular science under the guidance of trained instructors.

Available to add for $15 as per your exisiting booking

Body Clay | 10:30am, 1pm, 3pm

Experiences the healing powers and cooling effects of clay with our signature body clay ritual, perfect for friends and groups of all ages. We have carefully selected a series of detoxifying clays from around Australia, each with their own unique therapeutic benefits.

Available to add for $15 as per your exisiting booking

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