June 26, 2024

Unique experiences in victoria at Peninsula Hot Springs

Written by Grace

Victoria is a tapestry of breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, but it's the unique experiences in Victoria that truly set it apart. At the heart of this diversity is Peninsula Hot Springs, where natural thermal mineral waters rise from deep within the earth to offer a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. Here, the fusion of luxurious accommodations, distinctive dining, and wellness activities crafts an enchanting retreat unlike any other. Whether it’s the serene glide of waters at dawn or the rich flavours of a locally-sourced meal under the stars, every moment spent here is designed to connect and heal. Discover the layers of charm that make Peninsula Hot Springs a cornerstone of Victoria’s allure, promising not just a visit, but a transformation.

Unique experiences in victoria at Peninsula Hot Springs

At Peninsula Hot Springs, we pride ourselves on offering unique experiences Victoria visitors and locals alike can't find anywhere else. Located less than 90 minutes from Melbourne, our award-winning geothermal hot springs and day spa stand as the epitome of relaxation and natural wellness. Our offerings extend beyond simple relaxation; they involve a deep integration with the local landscape and culture, which was celebrated with a gold win in the Ecotourism category at the RACV Victorian Tourism Awards.

Victoria tourist attractions often boast of their connection to nature, but at Peninsula Hot Springs, we've woven this connection into the very fabric of our experiences. Since acquiring the land in 1997, we've planted over 40,000 native and indigenous plants and trees, creating a thriving habitat for local wildlife, including over 70 different species. This commitment to the environment is mirrored in our various bathing experiences, from the communal joy of the Bath House to the serene privacy of our Spa Dreaming Centre. Here, you can immerse in nature and reconnect with family and friends under a moonlit sky, making it a truly unique experience Victoria offers.

We also cater to those seeking Victoria experience gifts, offering customisable packages that promise unforgettable moments, whether it's serene spa treatments or the rustic charm of our glamping accommodations. Our facilities are designed to awaken your senses, allowing you to sink into our natural geothermal mineral waters, which flow from 637 metres below ground. As you explore our site, you’ll discover not just fun places but secret things to do in Melbourne, hidden within our extensive range of over 70 globally inspired bathing and wellness experiences.

Each visit promises not just relaxation but an opportunity to enrich your life with Melbourne experiences that resonate with tranquillity and wellness. Whether you’re looking for a rejuvenating solo adventure or a peaceful retreat with loved ones, Peninsula Hot Springs offers a diverse palette of activities that stand out among Victoria tourist attractions.

Fun things to do around Melbourne

As a premier destination nestled just outside of Melbourne, Peninsula Hot Springs is perfectly placed for those looking to blend a city escape with a serene wellness experience. Whether you're a local or a visitor, the city offers a vibrant array of activities that pair splendidly with a day spent at our Springs. From the bustling lanes brimming with unique art to the tranquil Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne is a city of endless discovery.

For those seeking an enriching experience, why not start your day wandering through the iconic Queen Victoria Market, where you can indulge in artisanal foods before heading to the Mornington Peninsula? Here, at Peninsula Hot Springs, over 70 globally-inspired wellness and bathing experiences await, offering everything from soothing geothermal pools to invigorating cold plunge pools. It’s the perfect way to bathe at Peninsula Hot Springs after a morning of city exploration.

Ending your day, take in a film at one of Melbourne’s historic cinemas or admire the city's stunning architecture, which ranges from Edwardian classics to modern marvels like Fed Square. Indeed, there are many fun things to do in Melbourne as it seamlessly combines cultural richness with accessible, fun-filled activities, making it easy to find something that resonates with your spirit of adventure and relaxation.

Places to stay in Victoria

At Peninsula Hot Springs, we offer an exquisite range of accommodation options that enhance the places to stay in Victoria. Our glamping facilities are not just about comfort; they are about reawakening in nature, where each morning is greeted by the chorus of the local fauna. Our guests can choose from several glamping experiences:

Garden View: Nestled in the natural surrounds of the hot springs, our Garden View glamping includes a private deck, ensuite bathroom, king bed, and bespoke elements inspired by our serene environment. The package includes on-site bathing, a buffet breakfast in the Spa Dreaming Centre dining room, and a choice of wellness activities.

Lake View: Similar to our Garden View, the Lake View offers a tranquil setting with luxurious amenities and a stunning view over one of our constructed lakes, perfect for those looking to connect with nature in a peaceful setting. Secluded Pavilion: For ultimate privacy and relaxation, our Secluded Pavilion is the perfect choice. It features all the amenities of our other glamping options, with the added benefit of a more secluded location.

Additionally, we partner with local accommodation providers to offer more varied experiences. Our Stay and Bathe packages include rejuvenating bathing and wellness experiences at Peninsula Hot Springs combined with luxurious stays at local spots like:

Moonah Links Resort: Enjoy luxury overnight accommodation at Peppers Moonah Links Resort, known for its stunning golf courses and unique leisure facilities.

Flinders Hotel: Located in the charming village of Flinders, this boutique hotel offers a quaint stay just minutes from the beach. Plan your stay with our Stay and Bathe package at Flinders Hotel.

Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats: For a beachside or luxury holiday home experience, consider Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats, ideal for families and pet owners.

For those exploring wider Mornington Peninsula options, our other local accommodation providers offer everything from beachside retreats to luxury hotels, ensuring every guest finds the perfect base to explore the region and soak up the benefits of geothermal bathing. Each of these partnerships allows our guests to seamlessly enjoy the natural and cultural riches of Victoria, making each stay memorable.

Hidden places to visit in Victoria

At Peninsula Hot Springs, we cherish the opportunity to offer serene retreats far removed from the usual paths trodden by tourists. Among these retreats are our private bathing areas, which stand as a hidden place to visit in Victoria, perfect for those seeking tranquillity and privacy. Our private baths provide an intimate escape where you can soak in the healing, geothermal mineral waters in seclusion.

Private bathing at the hot springs includes a choice between our atmospheric outdoor pools and cosy indoor pavilions. Our outdoor options offer a secluded geothermal pool, surrounded by natural brush fences, suitable for up to five guests. This setting is ideal for small groups or families wishing to enjoy a private moment together, complete with optional refreshments like sparkling wine and cheese platters.

For a more enclosed experience, our indoor private baths present a peaceful haven. These baths are housed within small huts that feature windows opening to views of lush gardens, enhancing the sense of connection with nature. The water in these baths can be infused with lavender milk or essential oils, making for a truly personal spa experience.

Situated near the scenic Mornington Peninsula and only a short drive from Melbourne, Peninsula Hot Springs' location makes it a convenient yet seemingly remote destination. Whether you're reconnecting with loved ones or indulging in some much-needed solitude, our private bathing options embody the quintessence of relaxation and exclusivity.

Enriching your experiences in Melbourne with a visit to Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Springs bridges the urban excitement of Melbourne with the tranquil oasis of our natural hot springs. For those seeking a day trip from the bustling city life, our Springs offer a perfect retreat just 90 minutes from the CBD. Here, visitors can engage in a variety of hot thermal spring experiences that combine relaxation with the raw beauty of the Mornington Peninsula.

From the moment you arrive, you can immerse yourself in a wellness journey that includes everything from serene baths in our thermal springs to indulgent spa treatments like massages and facials. Our Spa Dreaming Centre provides a peaceful enclave where adults can enjoy private baths with calming garden views, making it a sought-after escape for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Furthermore, our culinary offerings are designed to complement your wellness experience. We provide nourishing S.L.O.W (seasonal, local, organic, whole) foods that fuel your body from morning till evening. Whether you're enjoying a light snack at the Bath House cafe or a full meal in the Spa Dreaming Centre dining room, every dish is crafted to enhance your health and satisfaction.

For those extending their visit, our glamping options allow you to wake up to the soothing sounds of nature, right here on the Peninsula. Combine this with our wellness activities like yoga and the Fire and Ice workshop, and you have a comprehensive experience that enriches both body and mind. So, whether you're looking for vibrant city activities or serene getaways, Peninsula Hot Springs offers an enriching addition to your experiences in Melbourne.

Things to do in regional Victoria

The Mornington Peninsula, an hour's journey from Melbourne, acts as a vibrant hub for exploring the rich array of things to do in regional Victoria. Here at Peninsula Hot Springs, we serve as a gateway to the diverse activities this region has to offer, from immersive wellness experiences to adventurous outdoor activities.

Visitors can start their journey with a soothing bath in our natural geothermal waters, followed by exploring local wineries, boutique shops, and open-air markets. The peninsula is also home to stunning coastal and hinterland walks, numerous golf courses, and vibrant arts trails that capture the essence of Victoria's natural and cultural beauty.

For those who enjoy culinary delights, the region does not disappoint. With an abundance of quality restaurants and cafes set against superb backdrops, dining here becomes a scenic indulgence. Additionally, we've partnered with a number of touring companies to make your exploration of the Mornington Peninsula even more enjoyable and relaxing.

To enhance your visit or gift a memorable experience, consider our Peninsula Hot Springs gift certificates. These certificates can open the door to a range of activities, from a relaxing spa day to a fine-dining experience, making them a perfect present for anyone looking to discover this spectacular part of Victoria.

Unique dining experiences in Victoria

Peninsula Hot Springs offers some of the most unique dining experiences in Victoria, crafted to complement your spa and wellness journey. Our commitment to nourishment goes beyond the spa, extending into each dish served at our dining venues. From our farm-to-table concept, we ensure that every meal enriches your body with local, organic, and wholesome ingredients.

At the heart of our culinary offerings is the Bath House Café, where guests can enjoy a selection of light meals and refreshing beverages, perfect for recharging after a soak in the springs. Our café offers an array of healthy options like gourmet pizzas, which can be enjoyed in the cafe or the nearby picnic areas. You can explore our menu and order directly via QR code in our Bath House Café.

For a more serene dining experience, the Spa Dreaming Centre’s dining room offers a peaceful retreat with full table service, overlooking the tranquil hot springs. This area is reserved for guests aged 16 and over, ensuring a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Here, you can savour chef-prepared, nourishing meals that reflect our dedication to the S.L.O.W food movement. To reserve a table in this exclusive setting, visit our Spa Dreaming Centre dining page.

Additionally, our open-air Amphitheatre café serves a variety of healthy dishes, featuring ingredients harvested from our own Food Bowl when possible. This venue offers a unique dining atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy live performances and seasonal arts while you dine.

Whether you're starting your day with a fresh coffee at our Coffee Hut or enjoying a personalised meal in our dining rooms, Peninsula Hot Springs ensures every dining experience is as enriching and rejuvenating as our spa treatments.

Experience the best of the Mornington Peninsula with Peninsula Hot Springs

As you explore the enriching possibilities that Peninsula Hot Springs has to offer, remember that each visit is an opportunity to indulge in truly unique experiences in Victoria. Whether seeking solace in our private baths, reconnecting over a bespoke dining experience, or unwinding amidst the natural beauty of the Mornington Peninsula, we are here to ensure your journey is as revitalising as it is memorable. To plan your bespoke escape and discover all that we have to offer, we invite you to reach out to our friendly team today. Allow us to help you craft your perfect getaway, tailored to your personal desires and needs.

Frequently asked questions

Does Peninsula Hot Springs have accommodation?

Yes, Peninsula Hot Springs offers a variety of accommodation options to enhance your visit. Our luxurious glamping facilities are designed to provide guests with a comfortable and immersive experience in nature. Each glamping unit is equipped with a king-sized bed, ensuite bathroom, and private deck, allowing you to soak in the serene environment of the Mornington Peninsula. For those looking for a more extended stay or a variety of accommodation styles, we partner with local providers to offer a range of Stay and Bathe packages, ensuring that every guest finds the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate.

Does Peninsula Hot Springs offer a dining experience?

Absolutely, Peninsula Hot Springs prides itself on providing a unique dining experience that complements our spa services. Our guests can enjoy a variety of dining options that emphasise wellness and the enjoyment of fresh, local ingredients. The Bath House Café offers light meals and refreshments perfect for a day of bathing, while our Spa Dreaming Centre dining room provides a more refined dining experience with a menu that includes seasonal, locally-sourced dishes. Each dining area is designed to enhance your relaxation and wellbeing, making your meals with us as rejuvenating as our spa treatments.

What things to do or can be done at Peninsula Hot Springs?

At Peninsula Hot Springs, you can engage in a wide range of activities that cater to both relaxation and recreation. Our facility is renowned for over 70 globally inspired bathing and wellness experiences, including thermal mineral pools, private baths, and a sauna. Beyond bathing, guests can participate in wellness activities such as yoga and guided meditation. For those looking to explore the natural beauty of the area, we offer walking trails that showcase the native landscape and wildlife. Our commitment to providing a holistic wellness experience makes every visit filled with opportunities to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with nature.

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