November 16, 2022

wellness edit | get to know Freya Lawler

Written by Amelia

We view wellness holistically. Our water, our air, our natural surrounding and our abiding S.L.O.W food philosophy shape our belief in the power of wellness and its ability to fuel and sustain a healthy mind, body and spirit.

We are delighted to work with Freya Lawler, Peninsula Hot Springs’ Resident Naturopath and Nutritionist who holds a wealth of knowledge in the space of naturopathic medicine which supports the development of our food menus and nourish programs. In addition, Freya is a natural fertility educator specialising in holistic wellness and functional nutrition for optimal wellbeing. Using a combination of pathology and clinical symptomology, Freya is particularly passionate about working with women’s health, gut, skin and hormone health.

For our latest Wellness Edit, we sat down with Freya to talk all things wellness. From her personal journey to becoming deeply interested in the world of natural health, healing and gut signals to understanding what its like to live day to day as a leading nutritionist, we invite you to learn from our knowledgeable and captivating friend, partner and practitioner Freya Lawler.

How did your personal health story lead you to become a Naturopath?

Growing up in rural Southern Tasmania, I have appreciated the wonders of nature from an early age. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have grown up surrounded by rolling hills and fresh air, in a place which values organic farming practices, holistic healers and natural remedies. My personal health journey really catapulted my desire to study naturopathy. I reached a point where I just wasn't finding the answers to my health concerns that I really needed in order to aid my healing journey. I have since developed an insatiable curiosity when it comes to wellbeing and am particularly passionate about practicing traditional and evidence based methods - that work!

What does your day look like as resident naturopath + nutritionist at Peninsula Hot Springs?

9 AM - My day always starts with a big cup of tea and debrief with the wellness team

12PM - We run bi-monthly guest and staff facing wellness workshops on topics such as” The foundations of gut Health” ,“Tools to enhance stress resilience” and “Strengthening immunity”. These are always very fun, engaging and we all enjoy a delicious and nutritious afternoon tea together

2PM - Seasonal menu tasting and nutrition meetings with food and beverage teams to ensure our offerings is aligned with our S.L.O.W food ethos (Seasonal, local, wholefood, organic)

4PM - Calendar planning for upcoming guest workshops and retreats in the new Food Bowl Glass houses

What aspect of your position at Peninsula Hot Springs excited you the most?

It would have to be running both the guest and staff facing wellness workshops. I am deeply passionate about sharing knowledge on health and wellness and it feels so special to do this in such a fantastic location that emanates wellness from every angle. I am particularly excited about presenting in the new Food Bowl Glass Houses, surrounded by terraced food bowl gardens and rolling hills.

What is the most change-making aspect of naturopathic medicine for the wider health care system?

I have always considered naturopaths as the detectives of the healthcare team, and this is certainly how patients describe us! Alongside some functional medicine doctors, I believe naturopaths are among the few health professions that spend considerable time to get to the root cause of a patient's symptoms. In part, this is because we have longer consultations. However, we also consider the whole person and whole health situation in order to identify the key factors that require the most support and further investigation to achieve whole body wellness.

What is one thing you wish everyone would know about their health?

To tune into the signs and symptoms your body is sharing with you. Given our bodies can’ talk, it is crucial we start to listen to these signs. We can so often completely disconnect from our bodies and live in auto-pilot. When your body is trying to tell you something it usually goes like this: First your body will whisper, then it will yell, and then it will scream. It’s often a progression of signs and symptoms and all too often it isn’t until the last stage that we stop and listen. Through becoming more intune with our bodies, we absolutely have the capacity to reclaim our health.

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