community connections

Peninsula Hot Springs cares for our community by contributing to the commitment of others. From fundraisers to fostering young minds and energy, we are open to opportunities to support our community.

supporting and growing our local community

We know that so many people and organisations work hard in our community to make a difference, and fundraising is necessary to support your own operations.  If you’re a local community group, charity, not-for-profit organisation, sports team or school who would like our support, we’d love to hear from you.

working with schools, colleges and universities

Wellness and environmental education should start early. We open our doors to work with local schools, tertiary institutes and universities to make that connection through research and learning opportunities. We welcome research and benchmark studies, and look forward to sharing and applying new knowledge. Some of the studies we have supported, like RMIT have enhanced our understanding of mental health and wellbeing and inform the wider community. Learn more. 

Peninsula Hot Springs is committed to expanding its knowledge of and contributing to best practices in the hot springs industry. We value research and sharing worldwide wellness data and initiatives with our guests and peers. We know our waters are of benefit, and we’re committed to sharing our information and applying new practices.

supporting our local mornington peninsula sporting clubs

Peninsula Hot Springs is an inclusive health and wellness destination for people to connect with the environment, one another and themselves. Our commitment is to our guests, and to our community and we are always looking for new ways to enhance our community so that everyone can enjoy active and balanced lifestyles.

Peninsula Hot Springs is passionate about integrative health and wellness, non clinical approaches and life changing experiences. We are continually evolving our connections with the environment, our community and with organisations to contribute meaningfully to make a difference. Which is why we support sporting clubs on the Mornington Peninsula, we offer off-peak Bath House bathing passes to utilise as player prizes or fundraising options for the clubs to utilise throughout the season. We have also just introduced a group discount for team visits to Peninsula Hot Springs, which can be used as a team building activity or rehabilitation.

If you are the manager or coach of a local sporting team and you would like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities please email and someone will be in touch with more information.

contributing to the mornington peninsula economy

We enhance the business community and economy through local partnerships, supplier arrangements and employment commitments.

accessible pools

Our healing waters provide lasting benefits for so many visitors. We understand how important accessibility for people with mobility needs is. We know there are many benefits that can be found within bathing in geothermal water and guests with moderate ability can access several experiences in the Bath House and Spa Dreaming Centre areas.

We take great care to ensure guests with physical disabilities, arthritis and other musculosketal conditions can access our venue with ease. We have been working with designers to include ambulant pools at Peninsula Hot Springs in the near future.

Our mobility maps may help you better plan your visit with us.


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