Turkish hamam

Invigorate your body through the traditional cleansing customs of our Turkish Hamam. Built into the side of a hill at the base of the bathing gully, the dome-shaped Hamam helps to rid the body of toxins and open pores in readiness for traditional cleansing using steam and heat. Surrounding the Hamam are a variety of bathing experiences that can help warm the body in preparation for this cleansing ritual including a sauna, hot thermal mineral springs pools, a steamy cave pool and massaging thermal showers.

Hamam and bathe

Our hosted Hamam experience is perfect for small groups to enjoy the Turkish custom of bathing and cleansing together.

Our Hamam and bathe packages includes:

  • 60 minute therapist-assisted Hamam experience
  • bath house bathing
  • natural olive oil soap and traditional Kese mitt for you to use and take home

$87 per person. Available at 2:30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays outside of school and public holidays.

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History of the hamam

For centuries Hamam’s or Turkish steam baths have offered cleansing and social replenishment using heat and steam. Restore your balance as steam helps rid your body of toxins and opens your pores.

Hamam is Arabic word meaning ‘spreader of warmth’ and is a bathing culture featured across Roman, Ottoman, Persian and Arabian history. The timeless bathing custom has been used to celebrate important milestones within families for centuries.
















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