June 20, 2024

relax and rejuvenate with day spa packages at Peninsula Hot Springs

Written by Grace

Peninsula Hot Springs is where the magic of natural geothermal waters and expertly crafted day spa packages combine to offer a sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation just a stone's throw from Melbourne. Situated in a serene environment, each spa package is designed with a personal touch, ensuring a unique experience that caters to your relaxation needs. Whether you're seeking a tranquil retreat from the everyday or a distinctive gift for a loved one, our spa offerings are tailored to suit every occasion. From the soothing embrace of warm mineral waters to the bespoke treatments crafted by our skilled therapists, each visit promises to be as unique as our guests.

In the hustle of modern life, finding time to unwind can be a rare luxury. At Peninsula Hot Springs, we provide that luxury with day spa packages that transport you into a world of calm and serenity. Our packages are more than just a treatment; they are a journey through various calming, revitalising, and indulgent experiences that are perfect for rejuvenating both mind and body. Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, a special occasion, or simply a much-needed day out, our spa packages offer the perfect blend of indulgence and relaxation.

Let us guide you through our array of day spa packages, each designed to cater to different needs and occasions. From solo retreats to couples' escapes and group celebrations, our spa experiences are perfect for making any day memorable. At Peninsula Hot Springs, every detail is carefully curated to ensure that your time with us not only relaxes but also deeply nourishes your body and soul. Prepare to leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and completely at peace.

Explore our day spa packages for ultimate relaxation

We offer a variety of day spa packages that cater to diverse needs and preferences, ensuring each guest at Peninsula Hot Springs finds their ideal path to relaxation and rejuvenation. Our day spa packages are thoughtfully designed to offer unique and restorative experiences, perfect for a serene getaway from the hustle of everyday life.

Personalised Facials: Our facials begin with an expert skin analysis, ensuring that each treatment is perfectly tailored to your skin's needs using organic plant extracts and botanicals.

Body Treatments: Whether you're looking to rejuvenate or simply indulge, our body treatments, including scrubs and wraps, leave your skin feeling soft and radiant.

Massage Therapy: Surrender to the healing hands of our therapists with massages that combine various techniques to encourage deep relaxation and mental calmness.

Combined Bliss: Our blend day spa package integrates multiple treatments like massages and facials, or facial and body treatments, offering comprehensive care and relaxation.

For those looking to enhance their spa experience, bathing in our geothermal waters before treatments helps maximise the therapeutic benefits, promoting muscle relaxation and skin nourishment. This preparation is particularly beneficial for a special day spa like our spa day when pregnant, where comfort and safety are prioritised.

Moreover, our location near Melbourne makes us an accessible luxury, ideal for those spontaneous day trips from Melbourne. Whether it's for a special occasion or a much-needed break, consider a day spa gift card as a thoughtful gift, allowing your loved ones the freedom to choose their perfect spa day.

Experience luxurious day spa packages not far from Melbourne

At Peninsula Hot Springs, our day spa packages Melbourne residents love are designed with both luxury and convenience in mind. Located just 90 minutes from the bustling city, our spa offers the perfect retreat for those looking to escape into a world of relaxation without the need for extensive travel. Whether you choose to self-drive or opt for a day tour that showcases the best of the Mornington Peninsula, getting here is effortless.

We partner with local transport providers and even offer a picturesque ferry route from nearby coastal regions, making it easier than ever to arrive relaxed and ready to indulge. Our day spa packages Melbourne locals recommend are the ideal way to unwind, featuring a blend of therapeutic geothermal bathing and expert spa treatments that rejuvenate both body and mind. Consider us your nearby oasis, perfect for both quick visits and extended relaxation sessions.

Celebrate with our special birthday spa packages

Celebrate your special day with elegance and relaxation at Peninsula Hot Springs. Our birthday spa packages are tailored to make your birthday memorable with luxurious spa treatments and serene bathing experiences. Here’s what makes our birthday offerings unique:

Customised Treatments: We provide personalised spa treatments that cater specifically to the birthday guest, ensuring they feel celebrated and pampered.

Group Celebrations: Perfect for groups, our packages facilitate a shared experience that includes bathing, private space, towel robe, and locker hire along with dining options. Learn more about our group celebrations and how to create a bespoke experience for your birthday on our group bookings page.

Private Wellness Activities: Add a private wellness activity to your celebration, enhancing the day with a touch of personal or group wellness.

Each package is designed to offer a unique experience that goes beyond traditional birthday celebrations, making Peninsula Hot Springs the ideal place to gather your tribe and mark another year of life with tranquillity and joy.

Cherish her with our Mother's Day spa packages

This Mother's Day, show your appreciation with our exclusive Mother's Day spa packages at Peninsula Hot Springs, each thoughtfully designed to pamper and celebrate every mother. Our variety of packages offer luxurious treatments and serene settings, ensuring a day of ultimate relaxation. Here are our special packages for this meaningful occasion:

Monetary Gifting: Give the gift of choice with our flexible monetary gift voucher, allowing her to select from any of our services.

Revitalise Bath House for Two: Share the joy with a package that includes access to our Bath House, where she can enjoy over 50 globally inspired bathing experiences. Ideal for her and a guest to relax together.

Harmony for Two: This package combines a 60-minute treatment of choice with dining and all-of-site bathing. It's a perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation for two. Secure the Harmony package today.

Private Sanctuary & Bathe for One: Offer her a private retreat with a 45-minute session in our indoor bath with botanical additives or our outdoor bath surrounded by nature. Book this private sanctuary experience now.

Unwind for One: Let her choose between a 60-minute massage, facial, or body treatment, combined with all-of-site bathing, for a comprehensive pampering experience.

Glamping, Dine and Spa: Elevate her experience with a stay in a luxury Glamping tent, including treatments, dining, and bathing. This package is the epitome of indulgence at our springs.

Celebrate the remarkable women in your life with one of our Mother's Day spa packages. Each package is crafted to ensure she feels appreciated, relaxed, and cherished on this special day.

Recharge with Our Comprehensive Full Day Spa Package

If you’re looking for a full day spa package to recharge both your mind and body, Peninsula Hot Springs is a great place to spend the day. Its serene surroundings provide rejuvenating pampering that includes:

Luxurious Treatments: Start with a choice of our therapeutic massages or facials, tailored to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Geothermal Bathing: Spend time in our serene day spa and bath house retreats, where you can soak in mineral-rich geothermal waters amidst the stunning natural scenery of the Mornington Peninsula.

Gourmet Dining: Enjoy meals prepared with the freshest local, organic, and whole ingredients at our Spa Dreaming Centre dining room or the casual Bath House cafe. Our menus are designed to nourish and replenish your body while you relax.

Wellness Activities: Engage in a range of wellness activities, including yoga sessions, the Fire and Ice workshop, or our Body Clay Ritual to deepen your wellbeing experience.

A full day at Peninsula Hot Springs offers more than just spa treatments; it's a holistic wellness journey that leaves you feeling deeply calmed and revitalised. Perfect for those looking to escape the bustle of Melbourne for a day, our spa provides a tranquil retreat where luxury meets natural beauty.

Opt for Our Half Day Spa Packages

Our half day spa packages are the perfect solution for those seeking a swift yet enriching spa experience. These packages are designed to provide a rejuvenating retreat without requiring a full day's commitment, making them ideal for busy individuals or those short on time. Our half-day options include the choice of two distinct private spaces: the Bath House Relaxation Dome and the Bath House Relaxation Cabana. Here's what each package includes:

Bath House Relaxation Cabana: Private Space: Enjoy your own private cabana for up to four hours, providing a peaceful retreat where you can relax between bath sessions.

Access to Spa Facilities: Utilise our premier day spa facilities, including thermal mineral spring pools, a Turkish steam bath (Hamam), and various relaxation spaces.

Convenient Dining: Have the option to order food directly to your cabana, enhancing your relaxation experience without the need to leave your private space.

Ideal for Small Groups: Perfect for groups of up to five, making it an excellent choice for family outings or small gatherings.

Bath House Relaxation Dome: Spacious Accommodation: The dome offers a larger private area with day beds and a personal safe, suitable for up to twelve guests for four hours.

Broad Access to Facilities: Alongside the dome, enjoy over 50 globally inspired bathing and wellness experiences.

Food Service: Similar to the cabana, you can order nourishing meals directly to your dome for convenience and continued relaxation.

Perfect for Larger Groups: An ideal setting for celebrating special occasions or larger group gatherings in a uniquely relaxing environment.

Both these packages provide a compact version of a luxurious escape that allows you to immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere of Peninsula Hot Springs with the added privacy and comfort of a reserved space. Whether you choose the intimacy of the cabana or the expansive setting of the dome, each offers a tailored experience to make your visit memorable and refreshing.

Indulge in a Whole Day Spa Package

For those seeking a whole day spa package, Peninsula Hot Springs offers an unparalleled day of indulgence that revitalises the body, mind, and spirit from morning until evening. Here’s what to expect from a full day at our luxurious day spa on the Mornington Peninsula:

Morning Arrival: Begin your day with a refreshing walk to our iconic hilltop pool, enjoying the 360-degree views and perhaps catching a spectacular sunrise.

Exclusive Bathing: Spend the morning exploring over 70 globally-inspired bathing and wellness experiences, including the Turkish steam bath (hammam) and the tranquil cave pool.

Wellness Activities: Participate in early morning yoga or Pilates, enhancing your thermal springs experience with guided movement to awaken your senses.

Mid-Morning Relaxation: After your active start, relax in one of our private relaxation spaces or enjoy a coffee and a healthy snack at our Bath House cafe.

Culinary Delights: Indulge in a nourishing lunch at our café, where we serve a variety of fresh, local, and organic dishes perfectly paired with our S.L.O.W food philosophy.

Afternoon Wellness: Continue your wellness journey in the afternoon with our Fire and Ice Workshop, experiencing the rejuvenating effects of contrast therapy.

Evening Unwind: Conclude your day by relaxing in our amphitheatre pools, participating in a Body Clay Ritual, or simply unwinding in a hammock, absorbing the serene natural beauty around you.

A whole day of pampering experiences ensures every moment is filled with relaxation and luxury. It’s the perfect way to experience the full breadth of what Peninsula Hot Springs has to offer, making it a truly memorable day out on the Mornington Peninsula.

Fun and Relaxation with Day Spa Group Packages

At Peninsula Hot Springs, our day spa group packages are tailored to enrich bonding and enhance the communal aspect of wellness, making them perfect for families, friends, or team-building events. Here's what your group can expect from our packages:

Comprehensive Wellness Experiences: Dive into our extensive range of over 70 globally inspired bathing and wellness facilities, ensuring diverse experiences that cater to every preference in your group.

Private Spaces for Celebrations: Opt for exclusive settings such as the unique Moroccan Pavilion or our intimate relaxation domes, each providing a perfect backdrop for your group's activities. Explore our relaxation spaces designed to enhance tranquillity and privacy.

Customised Menu: Savour meals crafted with local, seasonal produce that will delight and nourish your group. Discover our carefully curated groups and event menu, tailored to complement your day of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Engaging Wellness Activities: Enhance your group experience with private wellness activities that can be added to your day, ideal for making your event both memorable and unique.

To make your event planning seamless and ensure a stress-free experience, our dedicated team at Peninsula Hot Springs is ready to assist you. For more information or to start planning your event with our exclusive group packages, please reach out to our Groups team. Let us help you create a bespoke experience that your group will remember fondly.

Romantic retreats with couples day spa packages

At Peninsula Hot Springs, we create an ambiance of intimacy and tranquillity through our specially curated Couples Day Spa Packages, perfect for celebrating anniversaries or simply enjoying a peaceful retreat together. Each package offers a unique experience tailored to deepen connections in a romantic setting:

Arthurs Views Exclusive Couples Retreat: Scenic Location: Nestled below the summit of Arthurs Seat within the Arthurs Seat Forest, the secluded setting offers breathtaking panoramic views, enhancing the romantic atmosphere.

Luxurious Accommodation: Stay in one of the four private, luxurious suites designed specifically for couples, providing a serene escape with high-end amenities and complete privacy.

Spa and Bathing Experience: Incorporate a revitalising session at Peninsula Hot Springs with the option to choose between revitalising Bath House bathing or serene Moonlit bathing. This seamless integration of nature and comfort makes this package ideal for a romantic escape. Learn more and book your romantic retreat at Arthurs Views.

Stay and Bathe with Moonah Links:

Resort Elegance: Experience the luxury of Peppers Moonah Links Resort, known for its outstanding golf courses and beautiful landscapes, providing a quiet, upscale backdrop for your getaway.

Spa and Wellness: Enjoy access to our comprehensive Bath House, featuring over 70 globally inspired thermal mineral springs and wellness experiences. The soothing waters and peaceful environment offer a perfect day of relaxation.

Exclusive Accommodations: Choose between a one-bedroom suite or an open room at Peppers Moonah Links, where every detail caters to comfort and romantic ambience. Explore and reserve your package at Peppers Moonah Links Resort.

Flinders Hotel Romantic Getaway: Coastal Charm: Situated in the heart of the picturesque village of Flinders, just minutes from the beach, Flinders Hotel offers a boutique accommodation experience with contemporary design and a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Holistic Spa Experience: The package includes the 'Reset - all of site bathing' at Peninsula Hot Springs, allowing couples to explore a diverse range of thermal pools, saunas, and relaxation spaces, fostering a deep sense of connection and relaxation.

Boutique Accommodation: Stay in the stylish Bass rooms of Flinders Hotel, featuring large bathrooms and luxurious amenities, complemented by a gourmet breakfast showcasing local produce. Discover more and book your stay at Flinders Hotel.

Each of these Couples Day Spa Packages offers a distinct combination of romantic settings and couple-specific treatments, making them ideal for marking special occasions or enjoying a rejuvenating retreat together.

A perfect girls' getaway with girls’ day spa package

Escape with your friends to the Portsea Group Retreat if you seek a girls' day spa package at Peninsula Hot Springs. This package is perfectly designed for an all-girls escape, combining the therapeutic pleasures of our hot springs with the charming ambiance of Portsea. Here’s what the Portsea Group Retreat offers for a memorable girls' getaway:

Luxurious Accommodations: Stay in the heart of Portsea, just opposite the beautiful Portsea Beach. The retreat accommodates up to 20 guests, making it ideal for large groups or intimate gatherings. The accommodations are stylishly appointed, ensuring comfort and relaxation for all guests.

Exclusive Bathing Experiences: Enjoy access to our Bath House and Spa Dreaming Centre, where you can choose between invigorating Revitalise Bath House bathing or tranquil Moonlit bathing. These options provide a perfect balance of energy and relaxation, suited to the preferences of every group member.

Ideal Location for Relaxation and Activities: Located at a prime spot on the Mornington Peninsula, the retreat not only offers great proximity to the beach but also serves as a perfect base for exploring local attractions. Whether you're interested in beach activities, local dining, or simply lounging around, everything you need for a perfect girls' weekend is at your doorstep.

Customizable Spa Treatments: Tailor your retreat with a selection of spa treatments designed to rejuvenate and pamper. From massages and facials to body scrubs, our therapies are meant to enhance your relaxation and bonding experience during the getaway.

The Portsea Group Retreat combines the natural beauty of the Mornington Peninsula with the luxurious amenities of Peninsula Hot Springs, making it the ultimate choice for a girls' spa day. Whether celebrating a special occasion or simply taking time out for a group retreat, this package ensures that every moment is filled with relaxation, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Discover more about what makes the Portsea Group Retreat the perfect girls' getaway and start planning your escape.

Comprehensive day spa treatment packages

Our day spa treatment packages are meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of health and relaxation needs, providing tailored experiences that include massages, facials, and body treatments. Here's an overview of our diverse offerings, ensuring every guest finds their perfect spa experience:

Revitalise & Bath House Treatment: Begin with a 45-minute back massage or facial in the tranquil Whispering Sheoak Hut, complemented by Revitalise geothermal bathing. This package merges targeted treatment with expansive wellness experiences. Discover the Revitalise & Bath House treatment for a refreshing escape.

Unwind: Delve into relaxation with a 60-minute treatment of your choice and enjoy access to both the Spa Dreaming Centre and Bath House. The Unwind package is tailored for those seeking balance and rejuvenation. Explore more about the Unwind package.

Harmony: Experience equilibrium with a 60-minute massage or facial, complemented by a meal in the Spa Dreaming Centre’s dining room and full-site bathing. The Harmony package integrates nourishment with relaxation for a complete spa day. Learn about the Harmony package.

Rejuvenate: Opt for a 90-minute extensive treatment, choosing from a variety of therapeutic options, accompanied by full access to our bathing facilities. The Rejuvenate package offers a deeper therapeutic experience. Check out the Rejuvenate package.

Surrender: Surrender to two hours of comprehensive pampering that combines a facial and massage, fostering a deep state of relaxation. This package is perfect for those looking to fully unwind and restore. Experience the comprehensive care of the Surrender package.

Bliss: Engage in a three-hour botanical journey with treatments like an organic mineral mud wrap and relaxation massage, complete with dining and full-site bathing. The Bliss package is the ultimate spa experience. Begin your journey with the Bliss package.

Additionally, we offer specialised packages for expecting mothers: Pregnancy 60 Minute Massage & Private Bath: Customised for the unique needs of pregnancy, this package includes a 60-minute tailored massage followed by a serene 45-minute private bath, ensuring comfort and relaxation. Book this nurturing experience through the Pregnancy 60 Minute Massage & Private Bath.

Pregnancy 90 Minute Spa Treatment & Private Bath: This luxurious package provides a 90-minute pregnancy-friendly treatment combined with private bathing, designed to soothe and relax expectant mothers. Discover the detailed offerings and book the Pregnancy 90 Minute Spa Treatment & Private Bath.

Each package at Peninsula Hot Springs is thoughtfully curated to provide guests with a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Whether you're seeking a quick refresh or an extended escape, our spa packages offer the perfect solution

Give the gift of relaxation with day spa gift voucher

Offering a day spa gift voucher from Peninsula Hot Springs is a thoughtful and versatile gift choice that allows your loved ones to choose their preferred spa experience. Whether it's for a special occasion, a thank you, or just because, our gift vouchers provide flexibility and delight for anyone looking to unwind and rejuvenate. Here’s why a gift voucher can make the perfect present:

Flexibility and Convenience: With a day spa gift voucher, the recipient can choose when to enjoy their spa day, making it a perfect fit for their schedule and special occasions.

Access to Premier Facilities: Vouchers can be redeemed for experiences that include access to our luxurious Spa Dreaming Centre and Bath House, offering over 70 globally inspired bathing and wellness experiences.

Easy to Purchase and Redeem: Our gift vouchers are beautifully presented, valid for 3 years, and can be easily purchased online or at our location. They can be emailed directly to the recipient or printed out for a more personal touch. Discover our collection of top gift ideas and purchase a gift voucher.

Gift vouchers from Peninsula Hot Springs are more than just gifts; they are an invitation to a memorable experience, fostering wellness and connection with nature. They are ideal for anyone looking to give a gift of relaxation, making them highly appreciated for any occasion.

Innovative spa birthday gift ideas

Still can’t decide on what to gift your loved one with on their special day? We have spa birthday gift ideas which are designed to offer more than just a spa visit—they provide a complete experience that caters to personal preferences and ensures a memorable celebration. Here are some unique options:

Revitalise Bath House Bathing for Two: Treat the birthday person and a companion to a day of relaxation with over 50 globally inspired bathing experiences. Perfect for couples or friends to unwind and reconnect in nature.

Dine and Bathe for Two: Combine delicious dining with relaxing geothermal bathing. This gift includes a meal in the tranquil setting of our Spa Dreaming Centre, enhancing the spa experience with culinary delight. Perfect for those who enjoy the finer things.

Harmony for Two: A spa treatment followed by a meal makes for a perfect day out. This package includes a 60-minute spa treatment and a choice of breakfast, lunch, or dinner, along with full-site bathing access. Ideal for those who value a comprehensive pampering session.

Private Sanctuary and Bathe for Two: Offer a secluded, intimate spa experience with a private bath, combined with full-site bathing. This gift is perfect for those seeking privacy and exclusivity. Enhance someone’s special day by gifting a Private Sanctuary and bathe for two experience.

Glamping, Dine and Spa for Two: Provide an unforgettable overnight experience in one of our luxurious glamping tents, coupled with spa treatments and gourmet dining. This comprehensive gift is perfect for a significant other or a best friend looking for an adventure. Gift an all-inclusive escape with Glamping, dine and spa for two.

Monetary Gift Certificate: For those who prefer to let the birthday person choose their own pampering experience, a Monetary Gift Certificate offers the ultimate flexibility. It can be redeemed for any treatment, meal, or product at Peninsula Hot Springs, allowing them to tailor their visit to their own tastes and desires. These certificates are valid for 3 years, providing ample time to enjoy a personalised spa day. Purchase a flexible gift option through Monetary Gift Certificate.

Each of these spa birthday gift ideas from Peninsula Hot Springs is designed to deliver a unique and thoughtful experience that goes beyond traditional spa treatments. Whether for relaxation, dining, or a full escape, these are sure to make any birthday memorable, providing joy and rejuvenation to your loved ones.

Escape to relaxation with Peninsula Hot Springs

As you consider the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate, our day spa packages at Peninsula Hot Springs offer a unique blend of tranquillity and revitalization. Whether you're planning a solo retreat, a romantic getaway, or a group celebration, each package is designed to cater to your relaxation needs.

If you're ready to experience the ultimate in relaxation and wellness, we invite you to reach out and allow us to tailor a spa day that perfectly matches your needs. Embrace the opportunity to restore balance and enhance your wellbeing with us at Peninsula Hot Springs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Day Spa?

A day spa is a dedicated space designed to provide guests with a variety of health and wellness treatments in a relaxing, serene environment. At Peninsula Hot Springs, our day spa offers a range of services such as massages, facials, and body treatments, alongside access to our natural geothermal mineral waters. Each visit is an opportunity to rejuvenate your body, calm your mind, and reconnect with nature.

What Do You Wear at a Day Spa?

When visiting a day spa, comfort is key. We recommend wearing casual, loose-fitting clothing that you can easily change out of and into. During treatments, you will be provided with a robe and slippers. For the bathing areas, swimwear is essential. We ensure privacy and comfort throughout your spa experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy your day in peace.

What Do You Bring to a Day Spa?

Planning your visit to our day spa is part of the experience. We suggest bringing a swimsuit for the pools, a water bottle to stay hydrated, and any personal toiletries you may need. Additionally, consider bringing a good book or magazine to enjoy while you relax in our various lounging areas. We provide towels, robes, and lockers for your convenience during your stay.

How Much Is a Spa Day for Two?

The cost of a spa day for two at Peninsula Hot Springs varies depending on the selected treatments and experiences. Our packages are designed to cater to a range of preferences and budgets, ensuring that every visit is memorable and valuable. For specific pricing and package details, we encourage you to visit our website or contact our reservations team who can help tailor your perfect spa day.

How Long Does a Spa Day Last?

The duration of a spa day can vary based on the treatments and activities you choose. At Peninsula Hot Springs, you can spend anywhere from a few hours to a full day enjoying our facilities. We offer everything from short massage sessions to comprehensive day spa packages that include multiple treatments and full access to our bathing areas. Whether you're looking for a quick escape or an extended day of pampering, we have options to suit your schedule and needs.

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